Yu-Gi-Oh TCG The Winged Dragon of Ra


When it was first shown in the Yu-Gi-Oh manga and anime, The Winged Dragon of Ra was not only introduced as one of the three Egyptian God Cards—but by far the most powerful of the trio. Supposedly, this was true to such an extent that a manga character even claimed that it actually belonged in a tier separate from the other two. As a result, this card developed quite the reputation when it first entered the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG.

Ironically, the gameplay-legal version of The Winged Dragon of Ra ended up being less powerful than those of its two counterparts—but that didn’t curtail the effects of its status within the fanbase one bit. This hasn’t changed with its most recent version in Quarter Century Chronicle side:Pride.

One of two Egyptian God Cards in Quarter Century Chronicle side:Pride, The Winged Dragon of Ra comes in the 25th-anniversary exclusive Quarter Century Secret Rare rarity. On top of that, like the other Egyptian God Cards, according to this card’s in-universe lore it’s inhabited by the soul of the Egyptian sun god after whom the card is named—adding to its mystique first in the canon and subsequently in real life.

No English release date has yet been finalized for this The Winged Dragon of Ra card, as is the case with the rest of Quarter Century Chronicle side:Pride.

One copy of a Quarter Century Secret Rare The Winged Dragon of Ra (Quarter Century Chronicle side:Pride QCCU-JP200) card goes for 10,000 JPY (~US$66).

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