Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Raigeki


Sometimes, a Yu-Gi-Oh TCG card’s illustration reveals something about the Yu-Gi-Oh universe’s lore which is otherwise not explicitly stated anywhere in canonical material. That’s exactly the case with this alternate art Raigeki card from the Quarter Century Chronicle side:Unity booster pack.

This spell card was first released all the way back in 1999 as part of the Japanese-only Starter Box, the first Starter Deck to ever have been launched. That card’s illustration featured a lightning bolt raining down from a dark sky—and no more than that. For most players and collectors, no further thought was given to the card’s illustration—until now.

The release of the Quarter Century Chronicle side:Unity booster pack saw Raigeki’s first-ever alternate art card after 25 years—and what it revealed blew minds. This card is linked to the Slifer the Sky Dragon card because the illustration shows that it is indeed the Sky Dragon itself unleashing the Raigeki spell. It’s also implied that Raigeki is a variant of Slifer’s Thunderforce Attack.

In addition to its unique position as it relates to the lore of Yu-Gi-Oh, this card is also expected to see a reasonable degree of use in tournament player. Thus, serious players will be almost as likely to seek out this card as collectors will.

As the Quarter Century Chronicle side:Unity booster pack hasn’t been slated for an English release, this card thus hasn’t either.

A Quarter Century Secret Rare Raigeki (QCCU-JP194) card with alternate art has a retail price of ¥12,000 (~US$79).

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