Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Lyna the Light Charmer, Lustrous


The release of the Quarter Century Chronicle side: Pride Yu-Gi-Oh TCG booster pack saw the completion of the set of cards depicting the six Spirit Charmers in their respective Link forms. The first three had already been included as part of the Quarter Century Chronicle side:Unity booster pack.

One of the three Spirit Charmers that was part of the newer Quarter Century Chronicle side: Pride was Lyna the Light Charmer, Lustrous. Released in the 25th-anniversary exclusive rarity of Quarter Century Secret Rare, this is the third time that this card has been reprinted in a unique rarity. Past Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese iterations of this card exist in Prismatic Secret Rare. Versions of this card in other languages, meanwhile, can have the rarity of Starlight Rare.

This card possesses a complex yet striking illustration. Lyna is depicted wielding her staff emitting glaring beams of light. A summoned Light monster can also be seen, alluding to this card’s gameplay effect.

Ordinarily, the usual “female character effect” would be mentioned here—but this card goes above and beyond in a sense. Lyna is indeed clad in form-fitting, figure-accentuating armor to play up her sex appeal. However, an even closer look shows a certain expression on her face—disturbing to some but (perhaps unfortunately) appealing to a selected portion of the fanbase who “know who they are”.

Like the rest of the Quarter Century Chronicle side: Pride, this card isn’t yet out in English.

A Quarter Century Secret Rare Lyna the Light Charmer, Lustrous (Quarter Century Chronicle side: Pride QCCP-JP127) card currently sells for 10,000 JPY (~US$66).

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