Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Bonfire


It isn’t often that the rarest version of a Yu-Gi-Oh TCG card is launched internationally before it drops in Japan. However, this is true of the Bonfire card. In January 2024, this card was released as a Collector’s Rare in six languages including English. Its Japanese version, however, remained no rarer than Secret Rare and had remained so until now.

In the recently-released Quarter Century Chronicle side:Pride booster pack, Bonfire received Japanese copies as an Ultimate Rare and a Quarter Century Secret Rare for the very first time. As a result, demand for this card within Japan spiked following the set’s launch.

Outside Japan, this card might be best-known as one of the cover cards of the Maze of Millennia booster pack. Maze of Millennia was only released in North America, Europe, and Oceania.

Gameplay-wise, this card is a good fit in decks which contain many Pyro monsters. Once per turn, the player may use this card to add a low-level Pyro monster from the deck to the hand.

As is the case with the rest of Quarter Century Chronicle side:Pride, the international release date of this Bonfire card remains unknown.

The retail price of a Quarter Century Secret Rare Bonfire (Quarter Century Chronicle side:Unity QCCU-JP198) card is 6,300 JPY (~US$42).

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