Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Your wish is our command. Meet Scar – Mastermind. #Disney #DisneyLorcana #TheFirstChapter #TCG #TradingCardGame #TradingCards #…

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Psst. We also have accounts on Instagram and Facebook.😉
How we can be updated on gameplay and stuff?
Follow us on our socials! We’ll be releasing info on gameplay this Spring 😊
Wait, “your wish is our command”, and blue smoke during this reveal … does that mean you’re showing a certain Genie next?! 🤗🤞#Lorcana
Let’s go! Super cool, I really hope Lorcana implements full arts and secret rare!! 🥵🔥🤩
Omg I love scar. He’s such a villain 😭😭
Well now. you weren’t lion about releasing all three.

We were not prepared.

Scar!! I love it
Wow! 😍
Amazing! Scar is here 🙂

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