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YGOrganization | The Full Deck Lists & Power-Up Packs for the Asian English Structure Decks


Yeah these make sense for ‘first products of the region’.


SDRB-AE001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
SDRB-AE002 Labradorite Dragon
SDRB-AE003 Alexandrite Dragon
SDRB-AE004 Flamvell Guard
SDRB-AE005 Maiden with Eyes of Blue
SDRB-AE006 Protector with Eyes of Blue
SDRB-AE007 Sage with Eyes of Blue
SDRB-AE008 Master with Eyes of Blue
SDRB-AE009 Rider of the Storm Winds
SDRB-AE010 Keeper of the Shrine
SDRB-AE011 The White Stone of Legend
SDRB-AE012 The White Stone of Ancients
SDRB-AE013 Kaibaman
SDRB-AE014 Dictator of D.
SDRB-AE015 Hardened Armed Dragon
SDRB-AE016 Hieratic Dragon of Nuit
SDRB-AE017 Omni Dragon Brotaur
SDRB-AE018 Chaos Dragon Levianeer
SDRB-AE019 Honest
SDRB-AE020 Carbonnedon
SDRB-AE021 Dragon Shrine
SDRB-AE022 Silver’s Cry
SDRB-AE023 Burst Stream of Destruction
SDRB-AE024 Majesty with Eyes of Blue
SDRB-AE025 Vision wit Eyes of Blue
SDRB-AE026 Mausoleum of White
SDRB-AE027 Beacon of White
SDRB-AE028 The Melody of Awakening Dragon
SDRB-AE029 Dragon Revival Rhapsody
SDRB-AE030 Dragon Ravine
SDRB-AE031 Terraforming
SDRB-AE032 Trade-In
SDRB-AE033 Cards of Consonance
SDRB-AE034 One for One
SDRB-AE035 Enemy Controller
SDRB-AE036 True Light
SDRB-AE037 Castle of Dragon Souls
SDRB-AE038 Call of the Haunted
SDRB-AE039 Ring of Destruction
SDRB-AE040 Champion’s Vigilance
SDRB-AE041 Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon
SDRB-AE042 Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon

Power-Up Pack

Blue-Eyes Alternative Dragon
Dragon Spirit of White
Destrudo the Lost Dragon’s Frisson
Blue-Eyes Jet Dragon
The Ultimate Creature of Destruction
Priestess with Eyes of Blue
Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon
Stardust Spark Dragon
Black Rose Moonlight Dragon
Bingo Machine, Go!!!
Return of the Dragon Lights
Harpie’s Feather Duster
Foolish Burial
Book of Moon
Forbidden Chalice
Forbidden Lance
Where Arf Thou?
Bottomless Trap Hole
Dark Bribe


SDID-AE001 Dark Magician
SDID-AE002 Dark Magician Girl
SDID-AE003 Magician of Dark Illusion
SDID-AE004 Magician’s Robe
SDID-AE005 Magician’s Rod
SDID-AE006 Magicians’ Souls
SDID-AE007 Apprentice Illusion Magician
SDID-AE008 Magikuriboh
SDID-AE009 Dimension Conjurer
SDID-AE010 Jester Confit
SDID-AE011 Sangan
SDID-AE012 Witch of the Black Forest
SDID-AE013 Legion the Fiend Jester
SDID-AE014 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
SDID-AE015 Breaker the Magical Warrior
SDID-AE016 Summoner Monk
SDID-AE017 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy
SDID-AE018 Armageddon Knight
SDID-AE019 Keeper of Dragon Magic
SDID-AE020 Mana Dragon Zirnitron
SDID-AE021 Magical Dimension
SDID-AE022 Dark Magical Circle
SDID-AE023 Illusion Magic
SDID-AE024 Dark Magic Expanded
SDID-AE025 Dark Magic Inheritance
SDID-AE026 Soul Servant
SDID-AE027 Secrets of Dark Magic
SDID-AE028 Monster Reborn
SDID-AE029 Polymerization
SDID-AE030 Secret Village of the SPellcasters
SDID-AE031 Wonder Wand
SDID-AE032 Fusion Substitute
SDID-AE033 Spellbook of Secrets
SDID-AE034 Spellbook of Knowledge
SDID-AE035 Fusion Deployment
SDID-AE036 Eternal Soul
SDID-AE037 Magician Navigation
SDID-AE038 Magicians’ Combination
SDID-AE039 Solemn Judgment
SDID-AE040 Magic Cylinder
SDID-AE041 Amulet Dragon
SDID-AE042 Dark Magician the Dragon Knight

Power-Up Pack

D.D. Crow
Droll & Lock Bird
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit
Illusion of Chaos
Guardian Chimera
Timaeus the United Dragon
King of the Swamp
Ebon Illusion Magician
Ebon High Magician
Thousand Knives
Diffusion Wave-Motion
Dark Magic Attack
The Eye of Timaeus
Chaos Form
Piercing the Darkness
Allure of Darkness
Dark Renewal
Mirror Force

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