YGOrganization | Story 3: Gold Pride [VBEX4]


I’m gonna win. I’ve got a goddess at my side!

Gold Pride
Daredevil racers have assembled for the most dangerous race in the universe! Not only are the audience on the edge of their seats, but so are the bookies and the gamblers! The greatest race is about to begin, with lifeforms from every galaxy, all across the universe, watching!!

This is a super galactic class race that travels across the entire universe. The “Golden Venus” a golden planet shining on the other end of the night sky, will be the glorious finish line!

Gold Pride – That Came Out of Nowhere!

Gold Pride – Pedal to the Metal!

Gold Pride – The Crowd Goes Wild!


A hottie but he has a rep as something of a laughingstock. He’s a highly popular racer who can get through even the toughest situation with his well-timed sense of bluffing and running away. While he’s clearly talented, he’s made many of his rivals into his enemies, and he’s constantly bombarded with all sorts of hindrances and hazards. However, he hides the fact his beloved horse, Star, contains a Unity Of Rider And Horse Function. The supersonic “Star Leon” Mode Change makes even the most persistent assault no big deal. It only lasts for a short time, but it allows him to run at the speed of a comet.

Gold Pride – Leon

Gold Pride – Star Leon


A hero of the Fire Species “Nytron”, he’s a living legend who served as a general in their military. In order to fulfill his duty as general, which has been handed down from generation to generation, to “Prove He’s The Strongest”, he’s entered the Gold Pride Grand Prix. The tanks driven by the Nytron aren’t just tanks. Because what they fire is their own driver, who becomes a scorching hot cannonball!
Gold Pride – Nytro Head

Gold Pride – Nytro Blaster

The Winner of the Gold Pride Grand Prix gains riches and fame throughout the universe! However, the race’s dangers are also galactic class! During the race, anything goes! Attacks, interference, collusion, surprise attacks, betrayal, and even crank calls! It’s a crazy race, and if you enter it, your only guarantee is that you won’t come back in one piece!


There’s not a being alive who doesn’t know of the Space Pirate “Captain Carrie”. However, in reality, she is the young lady of the “Mermaid Carrier Company”, the industry leader in intergalactic transport and shipment. If she wins the Gold Pride Grand Prix, other Space Pirates as well as the assassins from rival organizations will aim for her head to try and stop her influence from extending to the entire universe. However, she has her loyal minions (sic: aides) to help her. “We will protect the young lady’s life!” is their rallying cry. And their muscular bodies, which have been put through the wringer, show they’re men of the cosmic oceans on the inside and outside.

Gold Pride – Captain Carrie

Gold Pride – Chariot Carrie


An experimental lifeform from a certain science-centric planet. The result of their research has pushed his telekinesis to the limit, resulting in a tragic psychic boy who has the power to endlessly draw objects in the surrounding area to him. He set out on a journey of self-discovery, carrying his grief inside him, and before he realized, he was competing in the Gold Pride Grand Prix. His excitement increases as he runs, as he grows to feel that this may be the way he wants to live, as he tries to catch up, accumulating the wreckage of those who have ‘dropped out’ of the race along the way.

Gold Pride – Roller Baller

Gold Pride – Pin Baller


The battle for the first station flag was fierce from the beginning. From behind the racers who reached that checkpoint, there was someone coming for them at a terrifying pace! He was the only one who joined from that route. After wiping out all the other racers, the vicious pursuer set their sights on Leon and the others ahead of them!

Gold Pride – Eliminator

Gold Pride – Eradicator

This race is crazy to watch, crazy to bet on, but its racers are the craziest of all! The Gold Pride Grand Prix, which has a 180% intergalactic viewer ship every time, is the ultimate event where money and bullets fly from across the universe! That’s why every contestant has a “secret trump card” to outwit his, her or their rivals!

Gold Pride – Better Luck Next Time!

Gold Pride – It’s Neck and Neck!

Secret Image

Gold Pride – Star Leon

Gold Pride – Chariot Carrier


“Carrie’s emblem: Hearts and fish bones”


“Reuses the other racing machines (space-eco-friendly)”

Emblem 2:

“Very poorly drawn emblem”

Unpainted parts:

“Forgot to paint these parts”


Top: “A piece of the ship’s flag”
Middle: “Fish-shaped motorcycles. They have naval artillery mounted on their mouths”
Bottom: “Dragging”

End of chapter

TL note: We have previously translated the reference art for Star Leon from a Twitter post.
“Golden Venus” is written as “goddess of gold”, force-read as “Golden Venus”. The Japanese name for the planet Venus (金星, kinsei) is written as “gold-planet”.
And yes, in the description for Roller Baller they make use of how the Japanese name for the theme is written as “GP” (force-read as “Gold Pride”), but force-reading “GP” as “Grand-Prix” instead.

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