YGOrganization | Return To The Primordial With Two New “Voidvelgr” Cards! [RD/HC01]


Before the Gods can war with each other, the Gods must war with the primordial waters.

RD/HC01-JP019 ヴォイドヴェルグ・カオスマキア Voidvelgr Chaosmachia
Level 9 DARK Galaxy Fusion Effect Monster
ATK 3400
DEF 2500
Materials: “Voidvelgr Requiem” + 1 DARK Level 8 or higher monster
[REQUIREMENT] Shuffle 2 DARK monsters with different Types from your GY back into the Deck.
[EFFECT] Choose up to 2 face-up cards your opponent controls and shuffle them back into the owner’s Deck.

Note: This card is likely a reference to Chaoskampf, alternatively known as Drachenkampf, a ubiquitous mythological concept among Mediterranean and Indo-European myths, in which a culture hero, often associated with sky and thunder, fights a serpent or dragon, often to establish the world by releasing primordial waters needed to create the world as we know it.

RD/HC01-JP085 ヴォイドヴェルグ・モルゲンスタイン Voidvelgr Morgenstern
Equip Spell Card
[REQUIREMENT] Equip to 1 face-up Level 7 or higher DARK Galaxy monster you control if your opponent controls a face-down monster.
[EFFECT] The Equipped monster can attack twice each turn.

Note: Morgenstern is the German name for a Morning Star, a type of flail.

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