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Time Warp.

The booster set that never was is finally here!

Retro Pack, the lost booster set, was never released in North America, as a part of our ongoing anniversary celebration, you can FINALLY fill this missing hole in your collection!

Only released overseas, Retro Pack was a collection of vintage cards from the earliest days of the game, made to catch up other countries to the North American card pool.

But since it was never released here, these exact cards can be hard to find β€” until now!

And unlike the booster set reprints that kicked off our anniversary last July, Retro Pack will be as retro as we can make it:

* The original card frames and card look
* The original card names and texts

It’s a time capsule from the past! All the way down to the Special LIMITED EDITION labeling on Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! There’s just ONE little change to the set you’ll probably like, though: The drop rates for the foil cards are double that of the original version. So, it will be twice as easy to get foil cards from Retro Pack 2024 as it was from Retro Pack 2008!

The complete Retro Pack booster set is 101 cards:

48 Commons
24 Rares
10 Super Rares
8 Ultra Rares
11 Secret Rares

Source: Devir Americas

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