YGOrganization | Pre-Orders Are Open For “Millennium Ring: COMPLETE EDITION” On Premium Bandai


Let the ultimate Dark RPG begin!

Premium Bandai is releasing the “Millennium Ring: COMPLETE EDITION”, one of the Millennium Items that is central to Yu-Gi-Oh!

The Millennium Ring, which has been made into a physical 3D model on a 1:1 scale, has an impressive level of product duplication using vacuum evaporation plating.

You can play over 80 character voice lines by pressing a button, and switch between Bakura Ryo, Yami Bakura and Thief King Bakura. In “Yami Bakura” mode, it includes lines from his Duels, and dialogue for assembling the Spirit Message cards on the Destiny Board. For Thief King Bakura, you can activate his Ka Summoning lines and Diabound’s special abilities.

There’s also 3 songs included, including the theme song “OVERLAP” as well as two iconic BGM! You can also play the sound effects of the Millennium Ring’s locator sound and the sound it makes when emitting light.

Product Name: Millennium Ring COMPLETE EDITION
Price: 11000 Yen (Tax Included) (Shipping & Handling Not Included)
Target Audience: 15 Years And Up
1 Millennium Ring COMPLETE EDITION
1 Neck Strap
1 Dedicated Pedestal

Product Size:
Millennium Ring: H approx. 280 mm x W approx. 180 mm x D approx. 25 mm
Neck Strap: 100 cm (Neck Circumference)
Dedicated Pedestal: H approx. 155 mm x W approx. 56 mm x D approx. 75 mm

Product Materials:
Millennium Ring: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Neck Strap: Polyester & Stainless Steel
Pedestal: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Production: China
Sales Method: “Premium Bandai”, the BANDAI NAMCO Group’s official mail order site
Order Period: March 21st, 2024 (Thursday) 4 PM to May 27th, 2024 11 PM
Delivery Date: September 2024
Publisher: Bandai Co., Ltd.


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