YGOrganization | OCG Decklist Report: LEDE Weeks 1 & 2


A bit late, so I’m doing a double feature this time. This will cover from January 27th to February 4th.

Welcome to our first (returning) OCG Decklist Weekly Report. I’ve aggregated self reported decklists from twitter by various OCG players. You can see the source tweet linked above each images from more information like the event and record of the player.

Special thanks to Lundrity Velen for assistance in aggregating this information.

Taking a look at some of the trends this week, it seems FIRE decks are still reigning supreme after LEDE, with 16 Fire King Snake-Eye and 9 Snake-Eye decks dueing the first weekend after LEDE’s release. Voiceless Voice is the 2rd most represented deck from our available data with Floowandereeze trailing behind in 4th.

Players seeem to favor combating the FIRE decks with Hand Traps for their non-engine choices. Droll & Lock Bird is a popular main deck choice along with the ever present Maxx “C”. Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Infinite Impermanence and Effect Veiler are all also very common Main Deck choices. Targeted Negation for powerful engine pieces like Snake-Eye Ash, with Ash Blossom also pulling it’s usual double duty as a Maxx “C” counter. Nibiru, the Primal Being and Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion are also popular choices between the main and side decks. Ghost Belle still being particularly strong against many FIRE endboard pieces like Promethean Princess, Bestower of Flames‘s graveyard effect or high level Fire King monsters like Fire King High Avatar Kirin and Sacred Fire King Garunix.

Cosmic Cyclone seems to be the preferred choice for backrow removal in many lists, which may contirbute to the under performance of Centur-ion decks. Cosmic is particularly powerful against Fire King decks as well, being able to force throught their board by removing the Fire King Island without having to worry about the protection from Fire King Sanctuary. Soul Release, an ancient card that saw a resurgence in the OCG side decks, seems to be on the decline. This may be due to a combination of not forcing through enough of the board on it’s own and it’s susceptibility to the aforementioned Ghost Belle alongside the occasional Artifact Lancea, making Soul Release a less consistent board breaker. Voiceless Voice decks seem to favor siding in Different Dimension Ground going first a a powerful floodgate that the FIRE Link decks are particularly weak against. Conversely, FIRE decks have trended toward siding PSY-Framegear Delta for the mirror match. With so many high impact spell cards like Wanted: Seeker of Sinful Spoils, Fire King Sanctuary, Bonfire, and Original Sinful Spoils – Snake-Eye while also countering the likes of Called By the Grave and Crossout Designator, Delta is very powerful when paired with other hand traps going second.

Finally, while LEDE did not make a major impact on the format, a few new rogue decks have entered the format. Tenpai Dragons seem to be opting to play a suite of board breakers to attempt to go second and OTK through the opponent’s board. The Raika decks we were provided seem to prefer to mix in with the various Plant themes. Meanwhile, Lightsworn lists seem to play 2 copies of Submersible Carrier Aero Shark to FTK the opponent when going first while being able to pivot towards a more standard combo line if that gets interrupted. These lists use Mudora the Sword Oracle and Keldo the Sacred Protector to shuffle back the Aero Sharks to summon them 4 times.

Keep in mind this data is not perfect, so be sure to check out other resources, such as Road of the King for more information, as well as different interpretations of the information available.

Fire King Snake-Eye (20)

Snake-Eye (15)

Voiceless Voice (10)

Tenpai (4)

Floowandereeze (4)

Rescue-ACE (3)

Melodious (2)

Raika (2)

Ritual Beast (2)

Exosister (2)

Centurion (2)


Lightsworn (2)

Snake-Eye Tearlament Lightsworn

Branded Despia

Infernoid Horus

Naturia Runick



Dragon Link

Runick Stun

Sky Striker






Phantom Knights

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