YGOrganization | [Master Duel] X-Saber Solo Mode


Unfortunately, Darksoul doesn’t stack

The Sword of Will – X-Saber

“How did this small group of elite mercenaries become the organization it is today? Behind everything was the influence of two contrasting leaders.”

By completing this solo mode gate, you can obtain:
-300 EARTH orbs
-3 copies of XX-clusion (new SR card)

-6 Legacy Pack Tickets
-1 Pack of Commander Gottoms, Swordmaster protectors/sleeves
-1 Commander Gottoms, Swordmaster Icon
-200 Gems

“Protectors depicting a leader who unites a select group of master swordsmen. For those who admire mighty warriors.”

“An Icon depicting the commander of an organization headed by 10 elite members. Respected by his subordinates, he unites a diverse group of mercenaries.”

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