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YGOrganization | [Master Duel] New Version Updates


Mostly QoL stuff.

Master Duel has been updated to version 1.7.1. Among the announced updates, we have:

-Traditional Chinese is now available as a language option.

-Duel-Related Updates:
–The Card List can now be displayed vertically as well as horizontally (displaying it vertically allows more cards to be displayed at a time).
–Changed how dialog is displayed so that Graveyard and banished cards are displayed.
–Changes to animations and display during Duels: Link Monsters on the field now have larger Link Arrows. Adjustments have been made to make it easier to see cards when multiple cards are moved to the Graveyard or Banished Zone at the same time. When a card effect causes a coin toss, the color of the coin will now indicate which player performed the coin toss. More animations added during Duels.

-Duel Log-Related Updates
–Cards with “non-targeting effects” that have been selected will now also be displayed in the Duel Log.
–Changes made so that cards with “designating zone effects” now also show where they were played in the Duel Log.

-Duel Settings-Related Updates
–Changes made to allow more detailed choices during card Activation Confirmation.
–Changes made to allow card Activation Confirmation settings to be reset at the end of a turn.

-Mission-Related Updates
–Adjustments made to animations when using the “Receive All” option (now sped up).
–Changes made so that information about limited-time missions is displayed even after completion.

-Room Match-Related Updates
-Indicator to show if your opponent has selected “Start Duel” (a “Waiting” pop up will now be displayed).

-Shop-Related Updates
–Changes made so that more Secret Packs are displayed on the Shop screen.
–Changes made so that up to 10 Bonus Packs can be opened at a time (can now be opened 10 packs at a time, even if you own more than 20 Pack Tickets).

-Changes made to allow greater control of Display Quality (Anti-aliasing and Card Image Quality options).

-Season Points are now displayed in the Profile section.

-Master Duel Proficiency Test:
The new mode has two parts: a knowledge-based quiz-style section and a practical section that will test your actual Dueling skills. When you clear both sections, you pass the test, and your grade will increase.
Academic Exam: Random quizzes will be assigned with their difficulty depending on grade. A certain number of correct answers is required to clear each test.
Practical exam: You will clear the section once all of the Clear Conditions have been met in Event Duels and/or Ranked Duels.

The Proficiency Test is composed of x many levels. Here’s what it looked like on my end, although the conditions could be different or change in order, who knows:
Level 1:
-Academic Exam: Answer 2 out of 3 questions correctly
-Practical Exam: Compete in 1 Duel
-Completion Rewards: 5 Legacy Pack Tickets

Level 2:
-Academic Exam: Answer 2 out of 3 questions correctly
-Practical Exam: Normal Summon 3 times
-Completion Rewards: 5 Legacy Pack Tickets

Level 3:
-Academic Exam: Answer 3 out of 5 questions correctly
-Practical Exam: Activate a Spell Card 2 times, and a Trap Card 2 times.
-Completion Rewards: Mate Base: Spell Card

Level 4:
-Academic Exam: Answer 3 out of 5 questions correctly
-Practical Exam: Tribute Summon once
-Completion Rewards: 5 Legacy Pack Tickets

Level 5:
-Academic Exam: Answer 3 out of 5 questions correctly
-Practical Exam: Compete in a Duel 3 times, destroy a card 10 times
-Completion Rewards: Question Icon

Level 6:
-Academic Exam: Answer 5 out of 8 questions correctly
-Practical Exam: Special Summon a monster 10 times
-Completion Rewards: 5 Legacy Pack Tickets

Level 7:
-Academic Exam: Answer 5 out of 8 questions correctly
-Practical Exam: Special Summon a monster 10 times
-Completion Rewards: 5 Legacy Pack Tickets

Level 7:
-Academic Exam: Answer 5 out of 8 questions correctly
-Practical Exam: Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Summon 3 times each
-Completion Rewards: Synchro Silver Protectors/Sleeves

Level 8:
-Academic Exam: Answer 5 out of 8 questions correctly
-Practical Exam: Ritual, Pendulum and Link Summon 3 times each
-Completion Rewards: 10 Legacy Pack Tickets

Level 9:
-Academic Exam: Answer 8 out of 10 questions correctly
-Practical Exam: Special Summon a monster from the Graveyard 5 times, Activate the effect of a card in the Graveyard 5 times.
-Completion Rewards: Bicycle Mate

Level 10:
-Academic Exam: Answer 5 out of 5 questions correctly
-Practical Exam: Compete in Duel 10 times, destroy a card 100 times.
-Completion Rewards: MD Proficiency Test Grade 10 Title

“A Stand in the shape of a card that causes mysterious phenomena. Inscribed on this card is unmistakable marvel. Depending on how it is used, it may create dreamlike euphoria, or even allow us to perceive reality as an illusion.”

“An Icon depicting a man deep in thought as he concentrates on a challenging brainstorming session. This is no mere intellectual contest, but instead a fully immersive experience that involves the extreme tension provided by ever-changing luck.”

“A Protector with the design of a Synchro Summon circle of light. For those who follow the path of light.”

“A two-wheeled traveling vehicle driven by human power. It is said that owning one will greatly increase the scope of one’s activities.

“A Title given to Duelists who have reached Grade 10 in the Master Duel Proficiency Test. Certifies that the player has an extensive knowledge of Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL and solid technical skills.

Finally, a new Selection Pack has been announced for November 9th (time zones applying): Singularity Warrior. The following cards are confirmed:
Vanquish Soul Caesar Valius (UR)
Vanquish Soul Razen

Baelgrill de Nouvelles (UR)

Firewall Dragon Singularity (UR)

Nouvelles Restaurant “At Table” (UR)

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