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Ghost Meets Commerce

-New Secret Pack: Hope Sprouting in the Spring Breeze”

“Both “Vernusylph,” which excels at Special Summoning from the Graveyard, and “G Golem,” which has a stone-cold defense, have excellent deployment capabilities. Support for cards with the same Attributes or Types is also available, so it’s highly recommended to mix and match them with various cards!”

This Secret Pack will be unlocked until March 8th (time zones applying), and until that time, you can get 1 pack for free.

UR (6/40):

SR (13/40):

R (9/40):

N (12/40):

-New Icon Frame: Icon Frame – WIND:

“A WIND Icon Frame blowing a Jade zephyr. It blows majestically under the blue sky.”
Price: 30 gems

-New Card Case: Card Case – WIND

“A Deck Box that depicts a harsh, violent gale. Perfect for WIND Decks.”
Price: 200 gems

-New Bundle Deal: “Effect Veiler” Set

“A special bundle that includes 10 Master Packs (guaranteed to have at least 1 SR) and 1 bonus UR card, “Effect Veiler.” “Effect Veiler” is a card that can negate the effects of Effect Monsters on your opponent’s field during their Main Phase, making it quite the popular standout among Tuners. Why not add it to your Deck and see what it can do for yourself?”
Price: 750 gems

New Solo Mode Gate: Scheming Creatures

“There was once a group of yokai who so detested the sun’s light that they planned to extinguish it, and thereby gain control of the human world. To this end, they amassed fearsome levels of mystical power.”

By clearing this Solo Mode Gate, you can obtain:
300 FIRE Orbs
3 copies of How Did Dai Get Here? (new SR card)

6 Legacy Pack Tickets
1 Pack of Yoko, the Graceful Mayakshi Protectors/Sleeves
1 Yoko, the Graceful Mayakshi Icon
200 Gems

“Protectors depicting the leader of Makayashi who plots to dominate the Real World. For those who lie in wait for the perfect opportunity.”

“An Icon depicting a demon leader that threatens the humans of the world. The various schemes he has devised to fulfill his long-held aspirations are both beautiful and terrifying.”

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