YGOrganization | [Master Duel] February 7th Update


The 2nd anniversary update

-New Duel Pass
After the expiration of the previous Duel Pass, the new Duel Pass for the next 74 days in Master Duel has been introduced. By leveling up the Normal Duel Pass to Level 50, you can obtain the following rewards:
-300 Gems
-30 UR points
-30 SR points
-30 R points
-27 N points
-1 Sinful Spoils of Subversion – Snake Eye Icon (at Level 50)

“An Icon depicting a sphere pulsating with energy. Be it an eye, a jewel, or some other curiosity, it is simply stunning nonetheless.

For the Duel Pass (Gold)

-100 UR points
-100 SR points
-80 R points
-80 N points
-700 Gems (recovering its price of 700 gems)

At Level 25, you can obtain a Mint Icon Frame

“The mint Icon Frame evokes a brisk, sighing breeze. Refreshing colors to soothe an invigorate.

At Level 50, you can obtain a Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon Wallpaper

“A huge flaming dragon with “Sinful Spoils” on its head. Keen eyes and a body imbued with blue flame speak to its formidable strength.”

At Level 75, you can obtain a Noble Arms – Caliburn Mate

“A sacred sword with a long history, wedged in a stone deep within the forest. They say that whoever can pull it out will be fated to become king.”

-Rookie and Returner Mutual Follower Campaign
By sharing your Campaign Code with these players and achieving certain milestones, both players will get the following rewards:
–1 person uses your code: 1 “Sword of Souls” Structure Deck
–2 people use your code: 1 copy of Swordsoul Sinister Sovereign – Qixing Longyuan, The Abyss Dragon Swordsoul, Swordsoul Strife and Swordsoul Punishment
–3 people use your code: 100 gems
–4 people use your code: 1 copy of Tenyi Spirit – Adhara, copy of Tenyi Spirit – Shthana, copy of Tenyi Spirit – Mapura, copy of Tenyi Spirit – Nahata, copy of Tenyi Spirit – Vishuda, Monk of the Tenyi
–5 people use your code: 50 gems

If those players reach Tier 4 of Bronze Rank:
–1 player: 100 gems
–2 players: 1 The Iris Swordsoul Protectors/Sleeves Pack
–3 players: 1 copy of Shaman of the Tenyi, Berserker of the Tenyi, Flawless Protection of the Tenyi, Vessel for the Dragon Cycle, Fists of the Unrivaled Tenyi
–4 players: 3 Legacy Pack Ticket (with min. 1 SR guaranteed)
–5 Players: Flawless Perfection of the Tenyi Wallpaper

“A “Swordsoul” Deck specializing in Synchro Summons and Tokens. First, make use of effects like that of “Swordsoul of Mo Ye” to Synchro Summon “Swordsoul Grandmaster – Chixiao” thath as a high ATK and a powerful effect. You can also Synchro Summon “”Swordsoul Supreme Sovereign Chengying” with the likes of “Swordsoul Strategist Longyuan” to build an unshakeable formation!”

“A protector depicting one who once had the blessing of a sacred mountain. For those paralyzed by thunder that saves girls from their plights.”

“A “Dragon Vein,” a gathering point for natural energy that flows throughout the land. The energy within the land takes form as a dragon, as if responding to the man’s dance.”

-Secret Packs Updated:
The following cards have been added to existing Secret Packs:
Darkest Magics
Dark Magician the Knight of Dragon Magic (UR)
Chronicle Sorceress (R)

The Azure in the Ivory:
Blue-Eyes Jet Dragon (UR)
Greater Polymerization (SR)
Kaiser Glider – Golden Burst (SR)
Dictator of D. (SR)
Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon (SR)
Vision with Eyes of Blue (R)
Ultimate Fusion (R)
Chronicle Sorceress (R)
Duel Tower (N)

Glory on Wings:
Harpie’s Pet Dragon – Fearsome Fire Blast (SR)

Crystal Septenary:
Crystal Beast Rainbow Dragon (UR)
Ultimate Crystal Rainbow Dragon Overdrive (UR)
Golden Rule (UR)
Raibnow Bridge of Salvation (SR)
Advanced Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle (SR)
Advanced Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus (SR)
Crystal Miracle (SR)
Rainbow Bridge of the Heart (SR)
Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle (R)
Crystal Boon (R)
Crystal Brilliance (R)
Advanced Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat (N)
Advanced Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise (N)
Advanced Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger (N)
Advanced Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth (N)
Awakening of the Crystal Ultimates (N)
Crystal Aegis (N)

Futuristic Creatures:
T.G. Rocker Salamander (UR)
T.G. Glaive Blaster (UR)
T.G. Over Dragonar (SR)
T.G. Limited Removal (SR)
T.G. Close (SR)
T.G. Mighty Striker (SR)
T.G. All Clear (N)

Sword of the Seventh One:
Barian’s Chaos Draw (UR)
Seventh Ascension (UR)
Barian Untopia (UR)
Thunder Hand (SR)
Seventh Eternity (R)
Reincarnation of the Seventh Emperors (R)
Magic Hand (N)
Rebirth of the Seventh Emperors (N)

Indomitable Knights:
Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon Overlord (UR)
Odd-eyes Rebellion Xyz Dragon (UR)

Inevitability of Chaos:
Black Luster Soldier – Legendary Swordsman (UR)
Chaos Witch (UR)
Chaos Angel (UR)
Chaos Nephthys (SR)
Chaos Mirage Dragon (SR)
Chaos Archfiend (SR)
Chaos Phantasm (SR)
Shell of Chaos (R)
Core of Chaos (R)
Chaos Beast (R)
The Great Noodle Inversion (N)
Mental Tuner (N)

Shrouded Heroes:
Destiny HERO – Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer (UR)
Break the Destiny (SR)
Destiny HERO – Denier (R)

Seekers of Witchcraft:
Zoroa, the Magistus Conflagrant Calamity (UR)
Witchcrafter Vice-Madame (UR)
Witchcrafter Confusion Confession (UR)
Alpha Summon (N)

Guardians of the Sacred Sky:
Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess (UR)
Ultimate Slayer (UR)
Titanocider (SR)

-2nd Anniversary login bonus:
By login in until April 11th (time zones applying), you can obtain the following rewards:
1st day: 1x 2nd Anniversary Ticket
2nd day: 500 gems
3rd day: 1x 2nd Anniversary Ticket
4th day: 200 gems
5th day: 1x 2nd Anniversary Ticket
6th day: 200 gems
7th day: 100 gems

For a total of 1000 gems. These tickets contain 1 guaranteed Royal Finish UR expire on April 18th (time zones applying).

The 2nd Anniversary Ticket can be 1 of any of the following packs:
Darkest Magics
The Azure in the Ivory
Inevitability of Chaos
Glory on Wings
Crystal Septenary
Futuristic Creatures
Sword of the Seventh One
Indomitable Knights
AI Omniscience

-2nd Anniversary Bundle: UR Card Bundle

This bundle contains 30 Master Packs (with 1 SR or higher every 10 packs), an alt-art Royal Finish Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Starter Deck art), a Blue-Eyes Mausoleum Duel Field, Blue-Eyes White Dragon Protectors/sleeves, a President’s Briefcase Card Case, a Blue-Eyes White Dragon Icon, a Blue-Eyes White Dragon Deluxe Icon Frame, and a Blue-Eyes White Dragon Wallpaper.
Price: 3000 gems

Alt-art Blue-Eyes:

Yes, it comes with its own animation:

“A field where people who believe in a great dragon pray. The power that descended from above will soon start to pulse and shake heaven and earth.”

“A protector depicting a legendary dragon and stone tablet. For those who want to protect rare cards from damage.”

“A Deck Box inspired by a the briefcase of a certain president. As you push forward on the path of battle, the time will come when you will unsheathe the sword of the cards from your Deck.”

“An Icon depicting a legendary dragon with massive attack power. Virtually invincible, very few have faced this magnificent creature and lived to tell the tale.”

“The Icon Frame evokes the blue-eyes legendary dragon. Those who possess it know the light that shines through the darkness, no matter how bleak or dry the world may be.”

“The blue-eyed legendary dragon, said to be the most powerful. the power lurking within its eyes is powerful and practically invincible.”

-2nd Anniversary Bundle: Mate Bundle

This bundle includes 10 Master Packs (with at least 1 guaranteed SR card) and a Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon mate.
Price: 1000 gems

“A strong and invincible dragon descended with the Chaos Form. Its immense power, fitting of its chaotic moniker, mercifully unleashes its whip of annihilation onto its opponents.”

Also the 1st Anniversary bundled (based on Dark Magician) is available once again.

All of these bundles are available until April 11th (time zones applying).

-New Structure Deck: Blue-Eyes Max

“A Deck that uses a tenacious “Blue-Eyes” monster as an ace-in-the-whole. Many “Blue-Eyes” support cards like “The White Stone of Ancients” and “Blue-Eyes Jet Dragon” have effects related to your Graveyard. Make sure to keep a close eye on the status of your Graveyard. Once preparations are set and you call upon powerful monsters like “Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon,” your complete and total victory is a stone’s throw away!

Price: 500 gems

-New Secret Pack: Burst of Zapping Energy!

“Making a thunderous appearance if the immortal energy lifeform “Spright”! Combining everyone’s power, it becomes “Gigantic Spright,” who brings down the hammer of justice on the audacious ones plotting to steal energy.”

This Secret Pack will be unlocked until March 8th (time zones applying), and until that time you can get 1 free pack.

-Selection Packs and Secret Packs with alt arts:

–New Selection Pack: “Name of Champions”:

“Contains many cards from the history of Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL! In addition to versatile cards, with many that can become the ace of your Deck, you’ll also find an alternate art edition of “Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring.” Whether you are a new challenger or an experience Duelist, don’t miss the change to get your hands on it!”

The alt-art Ash Blossom will be available in this pack until April 11th. The inclusion of Raigeki in this pack also adds it to the Master Pack.

UR (13/85):

SR (22/85):

R (25/85):

N (25/85):

–Secret Packs with Alt Arts:
Guardians of the Sacred Sky now contains an alternative artwork for Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess:

Also, like the 1st anniversary, the Secret Pack Cosmic Mechanical Entities contains the alternative artwork of Knightmare Unicorn, and the Secret Pack Immortal Royalty contains the alternative artwork of Eldlich the Golden Lord.

These three secret packs will be unlocked until April 11th, and until that day, you can obtain 1 pack of each of them for free.

New Selection Pack: Ride into the Future

“The glimmer of bonds gathered paints a new future! In addition to “Cosmic Quasar Dragon” and “T.G. Glaive Blaster,” a new ace card for the “Infernoble Knight,” “Emperor Charles the Great” has appeared! Furthermore, the story of “Diabellstar the Black Witch” and the “Sinful Spoils” unravels… and “Snake-Eyes Flamberge Dragon” stands in her way! Seize victory with the power of the bonds between comrades!”

UR (13/85):

SR (22/85):

R (25/85):

N (25/85):

As a note, this pack is changing the standard rarity spread of 13/20/22/30 to 13/22/25/25 (i.e., 5 less N cards, 2 more SR cards and 3 more R cards)

Furthermore, the following card has been stealth-added to the Legacy Pack:
Combat Wheel (SR)

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