YGOrganization | Kaiba, Mai and Crow Reprints [QCCP]


Dragons, Birds, and Bird Dragons


QCCP-JP001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon

QCCP-JP002 The White Stone of Legend

QCCP-JP003 Sage with Eyes of Blue

QCCP-JP004 The White Stone of Ancients

QCCP-JP005 Dictator of D.

QCCP-JP006 Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon

QCCP-JP007 Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

QCCP-JP008 Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon

QCCP-JP009 Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon

QCCP-JP010 Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon

QCCP-JP011 The Melody of Awakening Dragon

QCCP-JP012 Bingo Machine, Go!!!

QCCP-JP013 Ultimate Fusion

QCCP-JP014 True Light


QCCP-JP119 Cyber Harpie Lady

QCCP-JP120 Harpie Queen

QCCP-JP121 Harpie Channeler

QCCP-JP122 Harpie Harpist

QCCP-JP123 Harpie Perfumer

QCCP-JP124 Harpie’s Pet Dragon – Firesome Fire Blast

QCCP-JP125 Harpie Conductor

QCCP-JP126 Elegant Egotist

QCCP-JP127 Harpie’s Feather Duster

QCCP-JP128 Harpies’ Hunting Ground

QCCP-JP129 Hysteric Sign


QCCP-JP130 Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite

QCCP-JP131 Blackwing – Sharnga the Waning Moon

QCCP-JP132 Blackwing – Vata the Emblem of Wandering

QCCP-JP133 Blackwing – Shamal the Sandstorm

QCCP-JP134 Blackwing – Chinook the Snow Blast

QCCP-JP135 Blackwing – Sudri the Phantom Glimmer

QCCP-JP136 Blackwing – Silverwind the Ascendant

QCCP-JP137 Blackwing – Nothung the Starlight

QCCP-JP138 Blackwing Full Armor Master

QCCP-JP139 Blackwing – Boreastorm the Wicked Wind

QCCP-JP140 Black-Winged Dragon

QCCP-JP141 Black-Winged Assault Dragon

QCCP-JP142 Black Whirlwind

QCCP-JP143 Black Feather Whirlwind

QCCP-JP144 Blackwing – Twin Shadow


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