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YGOrganization | CDP: Time Thief Springans


From suggestion to profile, just like a time machine.


Strategic Summary:

Welcome back to today’s profile, this time combining the Springans and Time Thief archetypes into a cohesive deck. For those who don’t remember the Springans theme, it is a group of FIRE/Machine monsters that aim to Xyz Summon, sometimes without actually Xyz Summoning. You see, Great Sand Sea – Gold Golgonda can discard a Springans card to Special Summon a Springans Xyz monster from your Extra Deck, and that can trigger a cascade of effects once you factor in Springans Brothers. But the true defining characteristic of this archetype is that each of the Main Deck monsters can attach themselves to a Springans Xyz monster as Xyz Material, from the hand/field/GY. You’ll typically only do this from the GY, but it serves as an endless supply of material to trigger effects that need to detach material, such as the effect of Tally-Ho! Springans or a variety of Time Thief monsters.

Moving onto the second part of this profile, the Time Thief theme is all about making R4NK Xyz Summons and profiting off of that. With Time Thief Redoer stealing the top card of the opponent’s deck as material to Time Thief Perpetua keeping your Xyz monsters stocked with Time Thief material, there’s plenty of crazy fun to go around. The Main Deck options aren’t half bad either – with Time Thief Regulator, you have an in-theme Rescue Rabbit that summons 2 Time Thief monsters from the deck. With Time Thief Bezel Ship and Time Thief Temporwhal, which summon from the GY, and Time Thief Winder and Time Thief Adjuster, which summon from the hand, you’ll have plenty of material to Xyz Summon even more monsters. Once you hit 3, you’ll even have the chance to bring out Infinitrack Fortress Megaclops, but Number F0: Utopic Draco Future is only 2 R4NK monsters away if you can’t get to 3! Turn back time to the era of Xyz monsters, with this hybrid, materialistic strategy.

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 20
| Therion “King” Regulus
| Springans Captain Sargas
| Springans Branga
| Supreme Sovereign Serpent of Golgonda
||| Time Thief Winder
| Springans Rockey
| Time Thief Adjuster
| Time Thief Bezel Ship
| Time Thief Chronocorder
| Time Thief Temporwhal
||| Time Thief Regulator
||| Springans Brothers
|| Springans Pedor

Spells: 15
||| Springans Watch
||| Tally-ho! Springans
| Time Thief Startup
| Called by the Grave
|| Spright Smashers
|| Springans Booty
||| Great Sand Sea – Gold Golgonda

Traps: 5
| Time Thief Flyback
| Springans Interluder
|| Time Thief Power Reserve
| Time Thief Retrograde

Extra Deck:
| Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder
| Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy
| Gigantic “Champion” Sargas
| Springans Ship – Exblowrer
| Time Thief Redoer
| King of the Feral Imps
| Gear Gigant X
| Time Thief Perpetua
| Abyss Dweller
| Number 60: Dugares the Timeless
|| Springans Merrymaker
| Number F0: Utopic Draco Future
| Number F0: Utopic Future
| Infinitrack Fortress Megaclops

Note: This is continuing the style of Creative Deck Profile articles, designed to showcase a build through replays and an attached summary. If you wish to see a CDP for an archetype, theme, or strategy you love, feel free to private message me on the YGOrg Discord server, the comments section of any of my YouTube videos, or just post a comment in response to this article on our Facebook page or through the site with your ideas for me to keep under consideration! On most YGO-related communities my username is Quincymccoy, so feel free to reach out. Current pending requested profiles include: Fluffal, SPYRAL, Ghoti, Aroma, Ritual Beast, Raidraptor, Mekk-Knight, Master of HAM

Coming Soon:

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