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YGOrganization | CDP: Danger! Dark World 2023, with no Grapha!


Reign-Beaux reigns alone today!


Strategic Summary:

Welcome back to another TCG-legal CDP, this time centered on showcasing the might of the Dark World archetype alongside the Danger! theme, optimized to win games with endless combos. As you’re probably aware of this combination, I’m not going to belabor the point, but the short version of this story is that you should love using Danger! monsters, as their effects in the hand can discard your Dark World monsters, triggering their effects. For example, let’s say you have a Danger! Nessie! with 2 other Dark World monsters in hand. If you use Nessie’s effect, and your opponent selects a Dark World to randomly discard, you get the benefit of Nessie to your field, a Dark World effect triggered, and a new draw. If they select Nessie, Nessie triggers and you get a new Danger! to try to use its effect again! It’s really that simple, and when you combine the endless recycling of Reign-Beaux, Overking of Dark World, you will have plenty of Dark World monsters to discard. Now don’t let me misdirect you – many different Danger! monsters come out to play in my build, as you have everyone from Danger! Thunderbird! to Danger! Chupacabra! ready to discard to your heart’s content!

As for the Dark World side of the deck, this variant leverages them as the primary win condition, which is to empty the opponent’s hand and leave them with no avenue to victory. You do so via the fun effect of Ceruli, Guru of Dark World, which when discarded, summons itself to the opponent’s field and makes you discard. Since that effect is then treated as an opponent’s card effect, you can discard something like Sillva, Warlord of Dark World and make your opponent place 2 cards from their hand back into their deck. Between 3 copies of Snoww, Unlight of Dark World, the draw power from The Gates of Dark World, the search power of Dark Corridor and Reign-Beaux, this combo is much easier than you think. And once you pull it off, you can easily do so again via the effects of Security Dragon, Triple Tactics Talent, and Triple Tactics Thrust. Hope you enjoy this optimized Dark World variant, no Grapha needed to secure victory!

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 30
||| Reign-Beaux, Overking of Dark World
|| Danger! Bigfoot!
| Danger! Thunderbird!
||| Danger! Nessie!
| Lucent, Netherlord of Dark World
| Sillva, Warlord of Dark World
| Shaddoll Beast
||| Danger! Mothman!
||| Snoww, Unlight of Dark World
| Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World
| Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite
||| Danger! Chupacabra!
| Genta, Gateman of Dark World
| Danger!? Tsuchinoko?
| Gokipole
| Danger!? Jackalope?
| Parl, Hermit of Dark World
|| Ceruli, Guru of Dark World

Spells: 11
||| Allure of Darkness
| Triple Tactics Talent
| Triple Tactics Thrust
| Card Destruction
| The Beginning of the End
|| Dark Corridor
|| The Gates of Dark World

Extra Deck:
| Coach King Giantrainer
| Daigusto Emeral
| Number 60: Dugares the Timeless
| Underworld Goddess of the Closed World
| Saryuja Skull Dread
| Accesscode Talker
| Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess
| Black Luster Soldier – Soldier of Chaos
| Knightmare Unicorn
| Knightmare Phoenix
| S:P Little Knight
| Knightmare Cerberus
| Security Dragon
| Muckraker From the Underworld
| I:P Masquerena

Note: This is continuing the style of Creative Deck Profile articles, designed to showcase a build through replays and an attached summary. If you wish to see a CDP for an archetype, theme, or strategy you love, feel free to private message me on the YGOrg Discord server, the comments section of any of my YouTube videos, or just post a comment in response to this article on our Facebook page or through the site with your ideas for me to keep under consideration! On most YGO-related communities my username is Quincymccoy, so feel free to reach out. Current pending requested profiles include: Fluffal, SPYRAL, Ghoti, Aroma, Winged Kuriboh Lv6, Ritual Beast, Raidraptor, Mekk-Knight, Master of HAM

Coming Soon:

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