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YGOrganization | Cards from Episode 79 [GO RUSH!!]


How many ways can a Yuamu make Volcalize Phoenix eat dirt.

These cards are not confirmed for release, but whether or not you believe that is your problem!

ヴォルカライズ・イフリート Volcalize Ifrit
Level 6 FIRE Pyro Effect Monster
【CONTINUOUS EFFECT】 This card’s ATK is equal to [The original Level of 1 FIRE monster Tributed when this card is Tribute Summoned in Attack Position] x 400.

Note: An Ifrit is a type of Jinn, a spirit in middle eastern folk lore.

ケミカライズ・バーニングハード Chemicalize Burning Hard
Equip Spell Card
【REQUIREMENT】 Can be equipped to 1 face-up Level 5 or higher Pyro Normal Monster you control.
【EFFECT】 The equipped monster’s original ATK becomes 0. The equipped monster gains ATK equal to [The combined total ATK of all face-up Pyro monsters you control that are not equipped with Equip Spell Cards].

アクセラレイタラスク Acceleratarasque
Level 3 LIGHT Dragon Effect Monster
DEF 1000
【REQUIREMENT】 Can be used by shuffling 1 Level 7 or higher Dragon monster in your GY into the Deck.
【EFFECT】 Draw cards equal to [The number of face-up Equip Spell Cards you control].

Note: Accelerator + The Tarasque

ヴァイラスケイル Viruscale
Equip Spell Card
【REQUIREMENT】 Can be equipped by sending 1 Dragon monster from the hand to the GY and equipping this card to 1 face-up monster on the field.
【EFFECT】 The equipped monster loses 1000 ATK, also, if the equipped monster is in Attack Position, it cannot be destroyed by battle.

ヴァイラスティンガー Virustinger
Equip Spell Card
【REQUIREMENT】 Can be equipped by sending 1 Dragon monster from the hand to the GY and equipping this card to 1 face-up monster on the field.
【EFFECT】 The equipped monster loses 1000 ATK, also if the equipped monster is an Effect Monster, it cannot activate its effects.

ドラゴニック・セキュアーマー Dragonic Secure Armor
Equip Spell Card
【REQUIREMENT】 Can be equipped to 1 face-up Dragon monster you control.
【EFFECT】 The equipped monster gains 200 ATK/DEF, also, the first time that monster would be destroyed each turn by battle with an opponent’s monster or the effect of your opponent’s cards, it is not destroyed.


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