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The White Album

TL note: For more information about the Abyss lore, we have previously translated their entries in the VBEX1, the VBEX2 and the VBEX3

Fallen of Albaz
Full art:


Top: “Metal”
Bottom: “Leather”

Ears and expression:

Top: “Ear”
Face: “A serious expression and untalkative”

Early Albaz:

“An Albaz I drew before the references were defined. What is this, his rebellious phase?”


“About the same height as Ecclesia, and looks about the same age as her (at first)
It would be great if he could grow very slowly, at an imperceptible pace…
so that by the end it’s actually noticeable”

Human form:

Top: “I thought it would be a good idea to have him inadvertently​ behave like a dragon shortly after changing from his dragon body into human form”
Bottom: “Glove”

Illustrator’s comment:

“At first (for me, at least), Albaz was expected to be more like a cornered beast, so initially I designed him with grotesque expressions, but he ended up taking this current form. He probably doesn’t even care too much that he can’t open one of his eyes.”

Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated the notes for Ecclesia in our VBEX 1 article. These notes also mention that she’s LIGHT, [Level] 4 and has 1500/1500 stats, as well as the following illustrator’s comment:

“I was carrying this strong desire to create a human-like heroine. The idea of ‘rice~’ stuck in my head because her eating a lot makes Fleurdelis and the others happy. Raised as a holy maiden, her guiding principle is that ‘it is I who is supposed to make everyone happy’. Her needs come after those of everyone else, or rather, she doesn’t understand them very well in the first place. I can picture that, without her knowing why, this inescapable feeling of hollowness can be seen in her face when her hair is untied. This sheltered holy maiden just couldn’t bring herself to treat that boy that emerged from the flames as as the bad guy no matter what…and that is how this long journey began.”

Dogmatika Fleurdelis, the Knighted
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated some of these notes for Fleurdelis in our VBEX 1 article. Below are the new ones:


“Dogmatika Fleurdelis, the Knighted
-Female knight
-Ecclesia’s teacher”


“Stigmata, flipped between left and right”
Left: “Right arm, right leg”
Right: “Left arm, left leg”

Formal dress:

Inside the armor:

“Inside [the armor], formal dress omitted
While wearing the armor, she takes off the white garments”

Dogmatika Theo, the Iron Punch & Adin, the Enlightened
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated the notes for Theo in our VBEX 1 article.

Adin’s tongue:

Holy scripture:

Adin’s throat:

“Stigamata. Uses his voice for his job”


“Because he has stigmata on his tongue as well, he can’t handle hot drinks”
Adin: *Hot…*
Theo: “Are you OK!? I did let it rest for 3 minutes!”
Tea: “Dogmatika tea (good for the throat)”


“The result of the Dogmatika not teaching how to grow plants”
Adin: “𝅘𝅥𝅮I wonder why you won’t receive my love…𝅘𝅥𝅮”
Nightcap: “For long hair”
Pajamas: “Commandment #334 (fake): Thou shalt not wear pajamas with designs”
Plant, left: “Arugula that withered because of too much water”, right: “White mold has grown (because of the stale air)”

Dogmatika Maximus & Ashiyan
Full art:



“Right, left”

Dogmatika Genesis & White Relic of Dogmatika
Full art:

Genesis: “Holy maiden”, “voluminous hair”
White Relic: “Turned into a Ritual Monster”

TL note: The reason there’s a skeleton maiden is because the kanji in White Relic’s name can be read as “white sacred husk/corpse”.

Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen
Full art:

We have previously translated Shuraig’s notes from a Twitter post. Here are the new ones:


“-The commander, heading the army.
-Lots of belts and pockets, also ammo belts
-Plague-doctor gas mask
-Grenade launcher


“About as tall as Fleurdelis or slightly taller?”

Shoulder and hair:

Shoulder: “Maybe part of his shoulder(s) could be artificial too?”
Hair: “Has lots of hair. Also has a lot of back hair around his wings”

Illustrator’s comment:

“By teaming up with those under the command of Kerass, Nervall and Fraktall, a super cool alliance was born. Their various stories powered through, almost feeling like a marathon, with the blood, sweat and tears of countless people. The “Tri-Brigade”, a volunteer army formed by beastmen, often from sad origins. What kind of pasts do they have, what kind of future awaits them? I want to try drawing some spin-off illustrations some day.”

Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom
Full art:

We have previously translated Ferrijit’s notes from a Twitter post.

Tri-Brigade Rugal the Silver Sheller
Full art:

We have previously translated the note for Rugal’s weapon. Here’s the newer notes:

Inner side:

“Leaning more towards the beast-side”


“Leans towards being the mood lifter [of the team]”

Tri-Brigade Nervall & Kerass & Fraktall
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated some notes for Nervall and Kerass in our VBEX article. Here are the new ones:

Nervall eyes:

Left: “Has massive bags under his eyes, looks like he’s sleepy”
Top right: “Cannot see at all in the dark (because he’s a hawk)”
Bottom right: “If he’s wearing the mask, he can see!”


“Looks like a mix of hair and feathers”


Nervall: “It makes me feel alive”
Right: “Drinks it hot even during hot days”
Left: “Loves coffee, without it he keeps dozing off, but because he’s constantly drinking it, he can’t get any sleep”


“While moving and he’s sleeping, he sleeps like this”

Kerass strength and laughter:

Top: “Raw strength”
Bottom: “Looks like he laughs in a ‘gahaha!’ way”


“Despite looking like this, this old dude does not eat meat!”


Left: “Male”
Top: “Likes small creatures”
Bottom: “Despite his menacing eyes, he has a kind heart, although he’s terrible with words. He was born without eyebrows.”

Tri-Brigade Kitt
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated most notes for Kitt from a Twitter post. Below is the only new note:

Warm socks:

Springans Rockey
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated the notes for Rockey in our VBEX article. As for the illustrator’s comment:

“From the heavy, monochromatic atmosphere of the prologue of the story, the Springans chapter, is a complete 180° that feels like a blue sky! The merry sand pirates! Even among them, Rockey is the kind of guy that once he gets going, you won’t see him again! Haha! That’s the kind of cheerful, colorful way in which I drew them. We didn’t get to hear much about the stories of Rockey and the rest, but it feels like they are the type of guys that have a lot of fun when they get together. There are plenty of guys like Pedor, who are reserved and kind, and there are some like Branga who are mostly quiet and stern, but are great at doing chores…and then there’s the big boss Sargas bringing all of these weirdos together. They are all great friends of Albaz and Ecclesia.”

Springans Pedor & Branga
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated the notes for Pedor and Branga in our VBEX article. Here’s the new note regarding its color scheme:

“If there are any indications for its coloring scheme, please let me know”

Springans Captain Sargas
Full art:


“Can fly, but most of the time moves by ship (which is a hassle)”


Left: “Energy plates”
Right: “Rotates”


Height: “About 2.5 taller than a rocket in centimeters”
Rocket: “Big boss!!”


“A necklace that relieves stiff shoulders, he picked it up from the desert”


Top: “Gahaha”
Bottom: “Opens very widely”

Incredible Ecclesia, the Virtuous: desert edition
Full art:

We have previously translated the notes for the desert Ecclesia in our VBEX article. Below are the new notes:


Top: “Iron Beast style portable rations”
Bottom: “Has a very chewy texture”

TL note: “Iron Beast” is part of the kanji for “Tri-Brigade”.

Illustrator’s comment:

“Ecclesia, exiled along with Albaz. They traveled the Great Sand Sea – Gold Golgonda together. Ecclesia naturally has a cheerful personality, but this trip in the unfamiliar desert would prove to be difficult, and while difficult indeed, she still does not know how to express her negative emotions. Even though she lived only for the purpose of making others happy, when she’s alone, she cannot even tie her hair. The boy next to her is crude, and while it seems he might have a kind side to him, he’s too quiet…As a result of her banishment, the feelings of loneliness and misery kept piling up, until she finally broke into tears in the illustration of ‘Tri-Brigade Rendezvous’. This is why the reference pictures for this desert version have a feeling of uneasiness.
In contrast, her expression in the reference picture for Incredible Ecclesia, the Virtuous is much more positive. After some peaceful days along with Albaz, Kitt and the Springans, the events of ‘Branded Bond’, and momentarily meeting again with Fleurdelis, Theo and Adin, her feelings certainly changed towards moving forward. During a day where she was traveling Golgonda, a Springans Rocky attached itself to a massive weapon. It seems to be a very lively, independent guy.”

Incredible Ecclesia, the Virtuous #2
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated the notes for this one from a Twitter post. There’s only 1 new note:

“About 1-3 Springans can live in this hammer”

Titaniklad the Ash Dragon & Brigrand the Glory Dragon & Albion the Branded Dragon & Albion the Shrouded Dragon

Brigrand the Glory Dragon:

Top: “Shoulder hair”
Bottom: “[The wings] grow from the shoulders. They sway around when it runs”

Supreme Sovereign Serpent of Golgonda
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated the notes for the Serpent in our VBEX1 article.

Springans Kitt
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated Kitt’s notes from a stream.

The Iris Swordsoul
Full art:



“Cannot fly [anymore]”


Top: “Her hair has grown longer”
Face: “Amulet/Ofuda
Arm accessories: “Seal the stigamata power”


Top: “Thunderbolt mode”
Bottom: “After the attack, sparks dance in the air”

Theo and Adin, desert edition?

Illustrator’s comment:

“The scene I wanted to create was one where we went from the “Springans” doing something fun pivoting to the White Knights of Dogmatika showing up causing people to think “is Fleurdelis going to be an enemy?” and then transitioning to ‘Springans Interluder’ showing ‘that silhouette’ to make people question ‘wait is that Fleurdelis!?’ Fleurdelis is a holy maiden that can generally adapt to any situation. On top of being helped by the Swordsouls, she even received clothes from them. I wonder if it was Mo Ye that picked those clothes for her. I also think that she gets along well with Icejade Tremora, who helped with the sealing of the stigamata that was on the brink of turning her into a Despia. I wrote down that ‘It would be great if Theo and Adin joined along~’ in the references, and they ended up becoming Swordsoul masters. Good, good.”

TL note: “Swordsoul Master” (相剣師) is part of the jp name of The Golden Swordsoul.

Swordsoul of Mo Ye & Swordsoul of Taia & Swordsoul Strategist Longyuan & Swordsoul Auspice Chunjun
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated notes for Mo Ye and Longyuan from Twitter posts. Here’s the new notes:

Mo Ye skirt:

“The train of the skirt is similar to a flower”

Taia sword:

“Has patterns inside the crystal”

Longyuan notes other than the sword:


“Dragon tail!”


“A strategist-like appearance. I have no idea what he’s thinking”

Swordsoul Grandmaster – Chixiao & Swordsoul Supreme Sovereign – Chengying
Full art:

Illustrator’s comment:

“Because the soul-swords express the personality of the users, the shape of the weapons were designed based on their respective horns and to reflect their personalities. In ‘Swordsoul Assessment’, they are judging the hearts of Albaz and Ecclesia with the power of that sword(s). With how sinister Longyuan turned out to be, I bet he must have been extremely good at hiding his true nature.”

Swordsoul Sinister Sovereign – Qixing Longyuan
Full art

TL note: We have previously translated the notes from a Twitter post. Below are the new ones:

Armor and legs:

“Wears armor is on the bulkier side
Takes the form of a bipedal dragon”

Illustrator’s comment:

“Longyuan as a character was designed to be a member of the Swordsoul, who would then reveal his true heart and transform into an evil form. While keeping traces of Longyuan, I incorporated lots of twisted parts. I went for an edgy look, enveloping it in black flames. He repeatedly appeared in the Swordsoul/Icejade series, but because he went berserk, he ended up being the troublemaker type of character. Currently, he’s sealed in a massive ice block. I wish he stays put forever.”

TL note: “Edgy” here is being a simplified way to express “chuunibyou aura”.

Icejade Acti
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated the notes for Acti from a Twitter post.

Icejade Tremora
Full art:


“Tends to have a downcast look”

Icejade globe:

Top: “Icejade globe: The events happening inside and out of the Icejade territory are projected”
Bottom: “Gives a feeling that light is slowly pouring from the hole(s) in the ceiling”

TL note: The “Icejade globe” is a made-up word, similar to 地球儀 (chikyuugi, Earth globe). Basically a 3D map where you have a full vision of the “world”, which in the case of the Icejades would be the Sacred Summit. The “events” that are projected are written using the kanji 相 (sou), which appears repeatedly throughout the lore. As explained numerous times, it is the “essence” of one’s heart, from which the “soul”-swords take form, etc. This may mean that what is being projected is not so much a direct representation of the events like a camera, but more like the “essence” (good, evil, etc.) of the people/events.


Icejade Kosmochlor & Icejade Aegirine
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated the reference art for Kosmochlor and Aegirine from a Twitter post. Below is the Illustrator’s comment:

“I have an unreasonable love for drawing transparent things, so drawing the Icejade series was a lot of fun for me. It feels like all the Icejades would try talking to you with a voice similar to a wind chime. I also have an unreasonable love for drawing sad pictures, but ‘Icejade Curse’ was so sad that, before I even drew it, I cried as the scene came to my mind. I wish Aegirine has a happy life.”

Icejade Creation Kingfisher & Icejade Creation Aegirocassis

TL note: We have previously translated the notes for Kingfisher in our VBEX2 article.

Aegirocassis appearance:

“A fusion of the shoulder armor and dragon claw are floating on its back”


Top: “Attacks by shooting rotating spikes”
Bottom: “The tip of the spikes turns into Icejade patterns”

Ad Libitum of Despia & Despian Comedy & Tragedy
Full art:

TL note: Unfortunately most notes for Comedy/Tragedy are not very readable. For Comedy, its top note depicts it without its mantle/cape, the bottom note mentions that the blade is a guillotine, and the right note explains this is its composition.

Dramaturge of Despia
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated these notes in our VBEX2 article.

Aluber the Jester of Despia
Full art:


“I hope you see the exact opposite expressions in him than those of Albaz”


Right: “Horns made out of Hole(s)”
Top: “Floating Holes??”

Back view:

Lower body:

Left: “Seamless pants”
Right: “His tail is also Hole(s)?”


Left: “A face that expresses both laughter and crying”
Right: “If he wears a necklace and a hat, he ends up looking childish, so I dropped that idea”


“I made the border around the sphere silver-colored”


“Since [the events of] Branded Expulsion, the sphere in his chest is cracked”

Absorbing Albaz’s powers:

Top: “Before”, Bottom: “After”
Aluber: *Gulping sounds*


“Aluber, full of mysteries even to this day
Will we be seeing him again…?”

Illustrator’s comment:

“The request was for a clown, and so for someone like me who’s afraid of clowns, drawing him was like having a nightmare (even if the actual card illustration doesn’t look that much like a clown). I believe there’s a powerful force behind clown masks.”

Despian Quaeritis
Full art:


“The mere remains of what used to be Fleurdelis’ armor”

Right forearm:

Despian masks:

Top: “Mostly black, then
-Despian basic style”

Right: “Quaeritis style”
Left: “Maybe there’s a lot more”

Extra arms:

Top: “A texture similar to vanilla beans”
Bottom: “The size of the eyeball changes according to its mood”


“Something flexible as muscles, with a viscous texture, yet hard as metal”


“Creeping, extending its neck and such”

Wings and arms:

Top: “This is actually an arm. It extends.”
Bottom: “Wing”

Wings #2:

“Compresses darkness inside the armor and turns it into wings”

Regular citizens:

1) Citizens: “Holy maiden-sama~!”, bottom: “Bygone days”
2) “Dogmatikalamity 𝅘𝅥𝅮~”
3) “Because regular citizens were used as materials, [the blades] are not very sharp”
Maximus: “There’s lots like this one all over the city”

Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated most notes from a stream. Below is the illustrator’s comment:

“Initially it had elegant wings like an Icejade monster and a look similar to armor, but in order to bring forward the “Iceblade-ness” of it, it got covered in pointy ice spikes. Even if Lubellion smashed most of them. Inside the “Iceblades”, the shadow of Sprind can be seen, and while it may not be Albaz himself, I guess it must have left a deep impression in his heart. Maybe he really likes it.”

Lubellion the Searing Dragon & The Bystial Lubellion
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated the notes for Lubellion in our VBEX2 article.

Therion “Reaper” Fum & “Duke” Yul & “Lily” Borea
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated the notes for Fum in our VBEX2 article.

“Lily” Borea top notes:

Left: “Lots of whips (with thorns) come out from under its skirt”
Right: “The same effect as King’s mane (flower-like appearance)”

Bottom notes:

Left: “Drill”
Right: “Giant petal mecha”

Therion “King” Regulus
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated most of these notes for Regulus from a Twitter post. Notably, the cape/mantle now says it’s a “king’s” cape/mantle. Below are the notes for the colosseum and the illustrator’s comment.

Colosseum #1:

Top: “Volcanic area”, “A massive UFO is being used as a colosseum (there’s a ring in its inner area)”
Right: “Its eruptions are like fireworks”
Middle: Diamond vision-like [monitors]”
Bottom: “Cyborg-producing factory”

Colosseum #2:

White arrow: “Losers”
Top black arrow: “An ever-continuing battle royale -> The winners remain (stealing parts from their opponents to power themselves up)”
Bottom: “The loser robots are molten with the power of lava (the molten steel is sent to the production factory)”
“Battle -> Retrieve losers -> Produce ->”

Illustrator’s comment:

“I wanted to express a feeling of ‘champion-ness’ in a simple way. The best pose for the card illustration was similar to that of a pro-wrestler. For this theme, there was a big focus on making you feel that stench of oil from the junk parts scattered all over the colosseum. By showing this cycle of destruction and rebirth I wanted to convey the indomitable consciousness of robots.”

Therion “Empress” Alasia
Full art:

Entering the arena:

“What it looks like when it appears from under the stage”

Parts #1:

Left: “Turtle-like parts”
Right: “Rhinoceros-like parts”

Parts #2:

Top: “Bear-like parts”
Bottom: “Elephant-like parts”

Parts links:

Top: “Body [part] links”
Bottom: “End of tail [part] links”

Therion Irregular
Full art:


Top: “Has lost reason and turned into a savage”
Bottom: “The same electric energy as Sprights”

Cape/mantle and legs:

Cape/mantle: “Torn apart”
Legs: “Haven’t changed that much”


Top: “The arms of Therion “King” Regulus”, “mostly mecha” -> “Enlarged as a result of the electric energy”

Spright Blue & Jet
Full art:

Spright design:

Blue’s expressions:

Top: “Kekeke” (cheeky laughter)
Bottom: *Baby noises*


“Electricity comes out from the nail parts and the gaps in the gloves”


“Libra constellation logo”

Jet’s sandals:

Approaches firing lightning:

Illustrator’s comment:

“With the Therions they ruled over being defeated, the Argyro System realizes there’s no choice but to take the fight in their own hands, exploding and splitting, giving birth to unique and quirky Sprights. It’s only been a few seconds after they have been born. I created them to look like fancy, young celebrities. The request for their clothes was ‘near-futuristic and space outfits’, so I gave them that baggy look + those badges that astronauts often wear. They probably enjoy electro-dance music, street fashion and the like.”

Spright Red, FIRE, 2-stars
Full art:


“Starts looking like frill”


“Holographic cloth”


“Light-up sneakers”


“Virgo constellation logo”

Spright Carrot
Full art:


“Specializes in manipulating energy like a whip, extending it and contracting it”

Legs and tail:

Top: “The legs extend from here”
Bottom: “Can extend and contract at will”


“Tried really hard and managed to make its hair soft and wavy”

Gemini constellation:

Gigantic Spright & Spright Elf
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated the notes for both from a Twitter post.

Fallen of Argyros
Full art:


Top: “Its appearance doesn’t seem to be that of a bad guy”
Bottom: “Because it came to life as a result of so many events, I threw in elements from all of them!”

Metal parts and purple energy:

Top: “The blue and red mix into purple (it’s of DARK Attribute)”
Head: “Its head is Lubellion-like”
Body: “Remains of Alba Los”


Left: “Sprind’s jacket”
Right: “A sleeve that moves a lot”

Other notes:

Multicolored note: “Blue and Red are the main personalities that are visible, but elements from the other members are also there”
Pixies: “The impulse to collect things comes from Pixies”, “GRAB THIS THING TOO!”, “GRAB THAT THING TOO!”
Necklace: “The necklace that Sargas dropped at some point”
Running: “Jet is in charge of the movement”
Bottom: “Carrot is in charge of the model design”

Blazing Cartesia, the Virtuous
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated Cartesia’s notes from a Twitter post. Notably, the note that says “Her pupils are widely open” has been updated to say “Because her body contains lots of dead people, her pupils are widely open”.

Granguignol the Dusk Dragon
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated Garnguignol’s notes in the same article as Cartesia. As for the Illustrator’s comment:

“A monster made of the grand combination of 666 holy maidens. When the idea of making Cartesia’s body hollow hit me, I thought…’I must be a genius’. In the illustration for ‘Branded in Central Dogmatika’, right before the birth of Cartesia, Ecclesia is hugging Fleurdelis, who had just lost her life to Maximus’ tactics, then Ecclesia is tenderly embraced by Quem, as they are enveloped by Quaeritis…like a holy maiden matryoshka. The execution of Maximus-san’s plan to ‘turn the holy maiden statue part of [Dogmatika] Nexus into an iron maiden and unify all the holy maidens as one inside of it!’, focusing on perfecting every detail to a level that can only be described as fetishistic, is something I just find ghastly. A truly horrifying man”

Icejade Gymir Aegirine
Full art:

Eyelashes and ice clips:

Eyelashes: “Frozen eyelashes”
Ice: “Shaped like a [hinge] clip”

Rapid growth:


“Level 10
I wonder how much should it should reflect its growth as a Synchro…
maybe it should hold a sword or something?”

Gigantic “Champion” Sargas
Full art:


“Massive thrusters
Can fly even higher!!”


“Turned Therion “King” Regulus’ mane into a [cape/mantle]”


“Energy cannon shaped like a champion belt”

Dogmatika Alba Zoa
Full art:

Balance and hands:

Top: “I’ll be messing with the balance in the drafts~”
Bottom: “Holes in his hands”


“Eyes in its tongue”

Wing-like things:

Top: “It didn’t look like this while it was inside the Theater of the Branded”
Right: “Rugged/crumpled up”, “looks like it’s rotting”

TL note: There isn’t enough context to tell 100% for sure what the following Zoa notes are referring to. These are just very literal translations:
Head notes:

Red text: “Red stigmata. Since everyone in Dogmatika has one in some location…”
Bottom note: “Slightly earlier version”

Body notes:

Purple text: “The [base/origin] of this? Purple-colored blood”
Black text: “Because blood is flowing constantly while inside, it would be great if lots of purple blood flowed out when it opens~”

Albion the Sanctifire Dragon
Full art:

Illustrator’s comment:

“He might be sacred dragon, but it also has lots of spikey parts, and they are surprisingly sharp. But I’m sure that he’s a good boy that can be considerate enough to not hurt those that are around him.”

Despian Luluwalilith
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated these notes in our VBEX3 article.

Tri-Brigade Arms “Bucephalus II”
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated these notes from a Twitter post.

New Frontier
Full art:

TL note: We have previously translated the notes for this one from a Twitter post. Below is the illustrator’s comment:

“At the time of the departure in ‘Branded in High Spirits’, Albaz was in his dragon form and Ecclesia was crying. That is why, for this one, now that they can, they are smiling as much as possible, saying goodbye to their friends for a brief moment.”

New Frontier #2
Full art:

Thanks to our anonymous contributors for the scans.

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