YGOrganization | [ART1] Card Game Art Works: Strike Dragon or Dragias


Missed opportunity for a two-page spread

Illusion Strike Dragon Miragias
Full art:

Shoulder pads:


TL note: A “chanchanko is a type of sleeveless haori

Elbow supporters:


Hyperstrike Dragon Dragiastar F
Full art:


“[Inner/outer side, top and bottom wing respectively]”

Back side of shoulder:


Top: “Pops out”
Left: “Back side”
Right: “Front view”


From left to right: “Side view”, “Cross-section”, “Back side”

Illustrator’s comment:

“Figuring out how to include ‘star-shaped components’ in a way that was not uncool was the ultimate task. When I had the idea of making the hole in its core to be star-shaped I thought ‘OK, where do I collect my 1000000 yen [for this idea]!?’”

Sevensgias the Magical Dragon Knight (Gias part)
Full art:

Protuberances on its back:

Accessories on its fins:

Illustrator’s comment:

“Originally, it was a dragon that stands with its back stretched, but because it’s ridden by Sevens Road, I designed it as a mount dragon that leans forward. I’m sure that this is terrible for its hips and it likely doesn’t like fusing too much.”

Sturdy Strike Dragon Metagiastar F
Full art:

Thanks to our anonymous contributors for the scans.

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