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Believe in the song of your heart

TL note: You can find more information about the lore of the Solfachord theme in our VBEX2 article.

DoSolfachord Cutia
Full art:


Ribbon: “Tied with a bow knot”
Cutia: “Wow~”


“Does not have a case or anything like that [for her baton]”

ReSolfachord Dreamia
Full art:


Top: “‘Forte’ (𝆑, strong) and coda (𝄌, skip). The ‘forte’ is for her confident personality, and the ‘coda’ is for her desire to become an adult quickly”
Bottom: “A precocious girl”

Hair accessories:

“Designed after lemon flowers”

TL note: While not explicitly stated, it’s possible that her hair accessory being “le”mon flowers is because of the “re” solfège.


“Designed after the forte 𝆑”


Left: “Lipstick applied by her big sisters”
Top right: “Her thick eyebrows are her characteristic”
Bottom right: “Designed with a forte pattern”


“Practicing (you can do it!)”

MiSolfachord Eliteia
Full art:

Hair accessory:

“Shaped somewhat like a barrette

Hair length:

“Mi as in ‘me’dium length hair”


“Folded forward”

Outfit #2:

Top notes: “See-through”
Bottom: “A stole with hydrangea designs. In the language of flowers, hydrangeas represent peace and getting along”

Description and eyesight:

Description: “A girl who’s top priority is harmony. Mi as in ‘mi’nna no” (everyone’s)
Eyesight: “Can’t see very well”


Cello: “Heavy”
Fairy: “Exerts herself way too much, always in a good mood. Her music (her voice) is very loud”
Eliteia: “Her voice is very weak”

FaSolfachord Fancia
Full art:


“FaSolfachord Fancia: 4-stars FIRE
A bokukko-type. In her mid-teens, mannish girl
When she speaks, she tends to use staccatos!”

TL note: A “bokukko” is a girl that speaks in boyish mannerisms. The note about “speaking with staccatos” is probably a musical way to explain that she cuts some sounds short, which is an aggressive/rude way to speak, more fitting of a boy than a girl (check the first two audio files in the Wikipedia link).


“They tend to fight a lot (because of musical differences)”

Hair accessory:

“Fa as in ‘fi’re!”


“Short, somewhat thick eyebrows”


“Fighting-styled fingerless gloves”

Back side of her outfit:

“Styled after a tailcoat”

Fairy #2:

“It’s as if she doesn’t listen to anything Fancia says”

SolSolfachord Gracia
Full art:

Hair accessory:

“The accessory in her head is a moon”


Top: “Because there are two ‘Sol’ notes, Sol♭ and Sol♯, I incorporated both in her design”
Middle: “Moon x clef(s) x saxophone-like SolSolfachord emblem”
Bottom: “Designed after a saxophone and the G-clef”

Design #2:

Main note: “Her characteristic symbols are the moon and the clef”
Moon: “So as in blue ‘sky’” TL note: so as in ‘so’ra (空, sky)
Clef: “do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do -> ha, ni, ho, he, to, i, ro, ha” TL note: The names on the right are the jp equivalent to the notes on the left
Right: “Sol”


“Sharp ♯
The belly part of her corset has them as the finishing for its knitting”


Left: “Pink and gold, similar to a glossy print in about 30-denim tights”
Right: “Flat ♭”

Baton case:



“Part that locks into the case”


Gracia: “The melody should be mellow, yet at the same time I want you to include variations in the loudness”
Fairy: “Sounds hard!”
Cutia: “Mellow?”

TL note: The note next to Cutia is too small to read, but it should be a dish of curry. In which case, this would be a pun on a “mellow” sound and “mild” curry both sharing the same word, maroyaka (まろやか). Cutia may also be chosen for the joke because her appearance is very “round”, which is yet another meaning of the word maroyaka. Or it could also be because she’s a glutton, or because she’s the youngest of the girls, and therefore, childish.


Left: “When she gets a compliment, she gets embarrassed and runs away”
Middle: “Occasionally, she drifts into her own world and stops paying attention”
Right: “Without her realizing it, she always lowers her eyebrows”


“Smug face”

Illustrator’s comment:

“For the concept I had in my head of ‘So as in blue sky’ + ‘designed with the color purple’ + ‘a daydreaming personality’ = ‘dreaming during nighttime’, the perfect decoration was the moon. She is a girl that tends to be absent-minded, but actually she’s thinking about important things, kinda like those kids that look outside the window during class thinking of something completely unrelated yet they manage to study anyway. I drew their fairy partners that behave like their alter-egos as having the personalities of 5-year olds. I wonder if it’s actually the case that their hidden personalities are strongly reflected in their fairies, or something like that. She performs with a powerful smug face, perhaps because, inside Gracia, who dedicates quietly to music, there’s a hidden yet abundant pride, or a confidence like ‘listen to my flawless performance!’?”

LaSolfachord Angelia
Full art:


“The type that talks aggressively and quickly like rapping”

Hair accessory:

“A crescendo shape”


“She puts it away by locking it into a ring”

Head notes:

Left: “Cat mouth”
Right: “The flowers are linked like this on the back”

TiSolfachord Beautia
Full art:



Hair accessory:

“Moon-like shape”


Head notes:

Left: “*Smile*”
Right: “Tied in a soft and fluffy way”

DoSolfachord Coolia
Full art:


“The one with the most reserved design of the members. The other girls have a pop-like feel, so [she’s reserved] in order to not get drawn into that [feel]”

Contrast with Cutia:

“Designed with her colors inverted from the girl with the same ‘do’ solfège, Cutia
Cutia’s hair color is the hair color of a main character (dark brown/chestnut)”


Left: “Shared characteristic: Pentagram decorated with a few notes”
Right: “Because the gold color is unique [to her], please make it match the other girls’ assigned colors”

Inked lines:

“This is how the main lines should appear, adding colors to it”


Left: “Baton”
Right: “Case”
Bottom: “This [part is] glass”

DoSolfachord Coolia #2
Full art:

Left image note:

“This image is in the middle of the design process”


“Buildings from the world(s) below. If I can fit them in, I will”

Hair accessories memo:

“I’m making the head accessories match each of their [quirks/personalities], and I’m also attaching the same accessories to the fairies. The gold frame and the music score pentagram is common to all of them.”


Top: “The color saturation is MAX, I’m not using black”
Bottom: “If everything goes right, fireworks appear, or something like that…”


“The backgrounds match their respective colors and personalities
Because they are somewhat…abstract? They don’t have a precise perspective
They are more of a decoration than anything
Kinda like in a shoujo manga”

Fairy notes #1:

Top left: “Please add sleeves to the basic chibi versions of their partners”
Top right: “Common mark/emblem: Shape of their eyes”
Bottom right: “Random lace decorations”
Musical note: “A musical note that has barely grown a sense of self”, “X seconds later…->”

TL note: The note about the musical note developing a self is very hard to read. The word itself may not be 100% accurate (if it is, the author is not using the standard spelling for it), but the general idea is that the note awakens, and a few seconds later, turns into a fairy.

Fairy notes #2:

“No nose, or white in her eyes”

Fairy notes #3:

Top right: “Heavenly realm-like colors (shared color)”, gamer-rainbow colors”, “Semi-materialized?”
Instrument: “The instrument has color trace”
Bottom: “Whether her hand can reach it or not, it’s OK…as long as she can hold it, she does. Because, physically, her hand can’t reach it, she conceals this using her sleeve.”

GranSolfachord Musecia
Full art:


Left: “Prankster-like”
Right: “Goddess”


“Repeat [sign]”


“Plays her instrument by herself -> Creates songs -> The angels direct [the score] -> Fairies are born”


“Made of a similar material to that of the instruments”


“Changes to wearing pumps”


“Are there some specifications for the fairies that have just been born? Are they unclassified?”


“I drew her just like the fairies of the other Solfachords, but maybe it would be better if I changed her head and body? It feels like if she is close to Cutia, an infinite loop may occur…”

GranSolfachord Coolia
Full art:


Left: “An ascended Coolia-san”
Right: “Changes to being gold-colored”


“The same type of wings as Musecia”





“Became a conductor”

Solfachord Symphony
Full art:

The day before the Symphony:

Coolia’s fairy: “It feels like it’s been ages since their first performance”
Fairies: “The fairies are exhausted after practicing”
Coolia: “Cutia, you see, I will be […]”
Cutia: *Munching sounds*


Cutia: “*Gulp* Don’t worry! Leave it to Cutia!”
Baton: “*Pon!* Infinitely-replenishing donuts”

Later that night:

Right: “*Sliding into bed sound*”
Cutia: “*Sleeping sounds*”
Cutia’s fairy: “Do-do~𝆕”, “Covers her with the futon”


Left: “Coolia heads towards the heavenly realm as a GranSolfachord”
Right: “Apparently it’s a place slightly higher than the current realm?”
Coolia: “Ciao, ciao”


Coolia: “From tomorrow, I leave it all to you, OK?”, “This is only possible because of everyone’s support”
Cutia’s fairy: “Do-do-do 👍”
Dreamia’s fairy: “Re~”
Eliteia’s fairy: “Mi-mi~”
Gracia’s fairy: “Sol~”

Thanks to our anonymous contributors for the scans.

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