YGOrganization | [ART1] Card Game Art Works: Sky Striker


“This reference art is going to change our lives”

Sky Striker Ace – Raye
Full art:

Base form:


“Eagle Booster attachment”

Illustrator’s comment:

“I drew her keeping in mind [the concepts of] a super-science blade, a futuristic uniform, and good visuals. Because I had some sugar cravings, I included some chocolate color(s)”

Sky Striker Mecha – Widow Anchor & Eagle Booster & Shark Cannon & Hercules Base
Full art:

Widow Anchor:

Blue: “Movements when folding”
Red: “This joint is not present in the card illustration but it does exist”

Smaller parts:

Top: “[Inspired by the black widow, the large pincer(s) are mother spiders and the smaller parts are child spiders]”
TL note: This isn’t the most direct translation, but it helps to group all the concepts.
Bottom: “The claws of the bits can be retracted”

Folded and top view:

Top: “The brown parts are [made of] a material that can be stretched and contracted”
Bottom: “Top diagram with the bits removed”

Eagle Booster:
Independent/solo flight mode:

Top view:

From left to right: “Extends”, “Rotates”, “Spreads”

Side view:

Emergency escape mode:

Top: “A handle comes out”
Bottom: “Emergency escape mode, then can be equipped mid-air”

Equipping diagram:


From left to right: “While equipped”, “independent/solo flight”, “handle mode”

Shark Cannon:
Safety switch on the part marked “A”:

“The safety switch is only on the right side”


Top: “Sight”
Bottom: “Remaining” [charges/shots/energy/ammo]

Hercules Base:

“I couldn’t replicate the precise details (sad), if there’s any discrepancies, I beg you to please refer to the card illustration”

Sky Striker Ace – Kagari
Full art:

“Joint section(s) of the back parts”

Sky Striker Ace – Shizuku
Full art:


“Glowing screen on the inner side of the chest part(s)”

Arm hexagons:

“All of the hexagons in the arm parts can be detached”

Regarding the arms on the back: (“arms” as in armament, not limbs)

Top right: “Can extend and contract”
Bottom: “The base arms have ball joints in two locations. The others can rotate only in one direction”

Sky Striker Ace – Hayate
Full art:

Back equipment:

Orange: “Connection part(s)”
Black: “Back view”

Side view:

“[Space]” for the parts that are supposed to connect there



Radome back view:

Top: “Comes out from the skirt”
Top-right: “Fixture”


Top: “Can be stored inside”
Middle: “Can be shifted upwards”
Bottom: “A railgun that could be mistaken for a sword”

Sky Striker Ace – Kaina
Full art:


“Blades come out of the energy plates”


“Apparently, through some amazing mechanisms, it can change shapes like this”

Top view:

Head plug-like things:

“Hidden under the hair”

Sky Striker Ace – Roze
Full art:

Base suit:

Emblem of the enemy nation:

Hat off:


“Split, then simply wrapped around”


“-A rival created by the enemy nation
-The same age as Raye, or slightly younger”

Sky Striker Ace – Roze – back
Full art:


*Clicking sound* (i.e. the wrists of the gloves are closing up)


“May be a key for something”

Regarding her eyes:

“Awakening Level: Low -> High”
“A pattern in the irises similar to a reticle becomes more defined”


Top: “This is what her bluish-gray hair having pinkish highlights looks like”
Bottom: “The color at her hair tips becomes faint”

Roze base suit: Side and back view:

“Can fly!” #1 and #2:

Underside of the shoulder parts:

High heels:

“She becomes about as tall as Raye”

Illustrator’s comment:

“Because she’s a rival entity to Raye, I designed her around cold, black colors in contrast to Raye’s warm white colors. And because Roze was created by analyzing Raye, I wanted her to give an impression of “she’s not the original” and “fleeting”. Rather than making her hair pure black, I made it a faintly colored gray (even fainter at the tips). I drew her to create an impression that “she rarely shows emotions, but as soon as she gets in her base suit, she immediately becomes belligerent”, so her first appearance became ‘Sky Striker Maneuver – Scissors Cross’”.

Sky Striker Ace – Zeke
Full art:

“The cables in the head have the same length”

Sky Striker Ace – Zeke #2
Full art:


“Because Roze’s life is [not valued/undervalued], the cockpit is full of openings”


“Floats around its left shoulder”


“Floats a few millimeters above ground”

4 bits used for attacking:

Top: “Beams come out”
Bottom: “Mostly flat, the core part protrudes”

4 bit design:

“They look like Zeke seen from above”

Surgical Striker – S.P.E.C.T.R.A.
Full art:

Appearance of its full body:

Head armor:

“Head armor – pilot storage armored ribs”


Left: “Front design of the core inside the cockpit storage
An armor that looks like a spine and ribs”

Right: “Inside”

Arms appearance:

“While stored, they look like the diagram on the right. During battle, they are projected and they look like the left image”

Shoulders and arms:

Left: “Shoulder”
Right “Arm”


Top: “Appearance of the arms storage on its back”
Right: “Energy cartridge”
Left: “5 of these are stored in the armored parts of its back. When released, cartridges like the one on the right open up and and project upwards”

Head cannon:

Left: “Armored part of its head. Stores a weapon similar to a charged particle cannon for its finishing move. Fired by consuming one energy cartridge”
Right: “Opens up when firing”
Bottom: “[Profile/side view]”


Top: “What it looks like when it reaches its critical rampage point, becoming bright red”
Bottom: “Rampaging really hard”

Combination Maneuver – Engage Zero
Full art:


“Combination Maneuver – Engage Zero blade generator reference art”


Left: “Side view”
Right: “Front view”

Back view:

Front and top view:

Top: “Front view”
Bottom: “Top view”


“The general idea of its transformation is something like this”

Thanks to our anonymous contributors for the scans.

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