YGOrganization | [ART1] Card Game Art Works: Saambell the Star Bonder


Hypnosister begone

Saambell the Star Bonder
Full art:

Main notes:

Top right: “Entrusted with the righteous powers of darkness”
Top left: “Still wearing a cape/mantle as a hood”
Hair: “Somewhat black”


Right: “Haniwa-kun is now holding a staff and no longer looks like its dancing”
Left: “*Standing straight up*”


“Because Saambell mastered the usage of darkness, I made the outfit look shaman-like, with a combination of an Ancient Egyptian [look] and a Japanese Kofun era [look]”

Outfit back side:

“This part is similar to Risebell’s clothes”


“The servants have followed their proper path of evolution. I have removed all the teeth/fang details from the Risebell(s) [designs]”


“The back side is a mirror. ‘Unwavering Bond’, ‘Unending Nightmare’”

Thanks to our anonymous contributors for the scans.

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