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For more information about the S-Force, you can check our VBEX article.

S-Force Rappa Chiyomaru
Full art:

TL note: We have translated most of these notes in our VBEX article. Below are the new ones:

S-Force logo and such:

“Inspired by an ‘S’ and an ‘F’ depicting moving (warping?) through parallel worlds”

Good manners:

“Good morning, sir!!!”

Illustrator’s comment:

“As I was reading the request saying ‘a female ninja with a touch of near-futurism’, as well as the effect of ‘the opponent’s monsters can only attack monsters in the same column as themselves’, the image of a shinobi using nails to pin down an enemy right in front of her immediately came to my mind, but then…you know…this isn’t exactly stealthy, is it? And from that thought, this Chiyomaru came to life. She’s a ninja with a beam shuriken, that acts impulsively thinking ‘I’m sure a shinobi will act this way’. If she was a student, she would be a public morals ninja.”

S-Force Orrafist & Justify
Full art:

We have previously translated the main note for Orrafist in our VBEX article.


“Sticks out”


“About as tall as Redoer”

Illustrator’s comment:

“The concept for its coloring immediately came to me from my favorite sneakers that I was wearing at that time. I was thinking something like ‘since he makes use of a digital network, yet fights with his fists, and leads a theme of nothing but quirky people, he’s kinda like an intellectual school delinquent head?’ and from that I played with the idea of a stand-up collar like a gakuran. Furthermore, I placed lots of ‘S’ designs all over it, so I’m sure you will find at least some of them.”

S-Force Lapcewell & Retroactive
Full art:

Wing engine:

Various meters:

Left: “Tachometer in its chest”
Top right: “Control meter”
Bottom right: “Meter”

Lower body:

Right: “Another meter on its hips”
Top left: “The parts on its hips turn into wheels”
Bottom left: “Meter wheel effects”

S-Force Nightchaser
Full art:


“It has a mono-eye, but I want to draw expressions that convey emotions…”

Lightning bots come out from her [feet/legs]:


Left: “Ninjatou (rarely uses it)”
Right: “Cyber kunai (the parts with the psychedelic colors are all part of the blade”


“An android created as a substitute for Chiyomaru after she became a runaway ninja.
She has been programmed to not only to apprehend Masquerena, but Chiyomaru as well.
As time passes from when she was first activated, she began to question why Chiyomaru left the organization to help Masqurena.
While Chiyomaru is irreplaceable, there’s plenty of replacements for her.
If we posit that maybe she has emotions, perhaps the driving force behind her chasing down the two of them were due to anger and jealousy.”


Right: “The left hand is fixed in place”
Bottom: “She has lots of concealed weapons in her sleeves”
Nightchaser: “Oh my…”

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