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The Laundry article. Also maybe other Dragonmaids

Nurse Dragonmaid & Ernus
Full art:

Appearance with her hair down, and back view:

Reference art for her [base/original] form:

Kitchen Dragonmaid (design proposal) & Tinkhec (design proposal + pose proposal)
Full art:


“She’s not used to getting compliments *blushing sound*”

Parlor Dragonmaid (WIND 3) & Lorpar (WIND 8)
Full art:

Parlor description:

“Waitress/entertains guests”
“Very feminine/little devil-type”

TL note: The “Very feminine” description is shorthand for 女子力高め(joshiryoku takame), which as a longer phrase means that she knows very well how to make the most of her feminine traits (e.g. hair/clothes/make-up/gestures/etc.), even if she may or may not naturally be too feminine herself.

Lorpar description:

Left: “[Tree/wood]-like”
Right: “Might have slight changes from the original draft”

Lorpar description #2:

“Long and slender”
“Beautiful type”


“Arranges her hair with the power of the wind”

TL note: The bottom note could either be Parlor or the wind itself making noise as the hair flies around

House Dragonmaid & Sheou
Full art:


“I bet you were surprised to see her with her hair down (in the alternative artwork), right? I thought this is what the hair of maids looked like, but who knew, they actually tie it! I had no idea!”


House: “BE QUIET! (husky voice)”
Comment: “Apparently her dragon form has an aggressive-sounding alias”

TL note: The JP name for the dragon forms of the Dragonmaids are not their name backwards, but German words, and Sheou’s name is “strahl” ([beam/light ray] in German)


“House struggled thinking which style to choose, and settled on the most orthodox one.
Even if dragons from other eras appear, she serves her master(?) in a humble manner”


“Personal grooming
Sparkly [nails/claws] manicure”

Illustrator’s comment:

“Because House’s design was the first one within the theme, her general appearance differs from the rest. She used to be quite the rascal before becoming a maid, therefore I designed her to exert some kind of pressure even in her human form. I love that her effect(s) are strong yet reserved.”

Chamber Dragonmaid & ???
Full art:


“A duster made from her feathers”
“I-I just think it cleans better than regular tools”


“Trying her best to smile”

Illustrator’s comment:

“I designed her as being bad at expressing herself, and her appearance looks like she’s hiding in her shell. Because she’s shy, I wanted to make her horns bigger as to hide her face, but I held back and now she looks like this. Her occupation lets her make full use of her feathers that are great for cleaning, and she’s certainly happy about moving on from being a hikikomori because of that. Not just personally, but also as its illustrator, I keep waiting for the day when I can create her dragon body.”

Laundry Dragonmaid & Nudyarl
Full art:


Short comic:

Laundry: “ROGER!”
Dragonmaids: “Nice answer…” “Give it your best…”

Short comic #2:

“So…what was I supposed to be doing again?”

Thanks to our anonymous contributors for the scans.

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