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The bubble never bursts

Dian Keto the Boogie Master & Dian Keto the Security Master & Dian Keto the Cooking Master
Full art:

Purse, front and back:

Shoulder pads:


TL note: A shoiko is a wooden structure to carry packages in one’s back. The link is to the jp article on Wikipedia, but you can get a picture of what an actual shoiko is like.

Beam hand fan:

Battle preparations:


“Dian Keto”



Top: “Horizontal mouth ladle”
Bottom: “Side view”

Attack and base form:

Pot: “*Popping open sound*”

Illustrator’s comment:

“A monster that appears to be used as a toy by her creators, however she seems to enjoy it herself, so I would call it a win-win situation. Not that I have any way to know.”

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