When you know, you know. #MTGxWH40k #WarhammerCommunity https://t.co/Lt183awImX

When you know, you know.

#MTGxWH40k #WarhammerCommunity

Nobody want this, please do better QC for cards instead and better sets .
Good thing you don’t have to play.
Where are my orks WOTC? Why isn’t this a commanders legends set? I want my ork commander.
Playing unsleeved is a very bad example for the youth
I don’t. Not until we get more spoilers
Well…. I don’t know, I don’t know…. I really don’t know when will the Matt Juke land be back at the MtG Arena… any info on that?
Wasted 30 minutes of my life to not even see one new card. Great job!
I’m very excited to see what these decks bring…but ahhhhh why they do it like that?? 😭