When is the next MTG Arena Open?


Nothing beats the thrill of competition, and the MTG Arena Open is as good as it gets when it comes to accessibility. Save up your coins and take a shot at winning up to $2,500!

We’ve just said goodbye to the Streets of New Capenna event, so when can we expect the next MTG Arena Open to take place? Here’s everything we know so far.

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When is the next MTG Arena Open?

A new Arena Open was announced recently. The next Arena Open will occur the weekend of October First.

The format will be Dominaria United Limited. Phantom Sealed will be featured on Oct 1, and Draft will likely be featured on Oct 2 (but there is no confirmation at this time). To play the second day’s events, you must successfully obtain a token in the Sealed events the day before.

With Dominaria United releasing on Sept 1, players only have a month to prepare for the next Arena Open.

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What are MTG Arena Open events?

The MTG Arena Open events are the best way for players of all abilities and experiences to try their hand at earning real-life money for their skills.

Each Arena Open takes place over two days. On day one you must reach four wins in a Best-of-Three match structure or seven wins in Best-of-One. It costs 25,000 Gold or 5,000 Gems for each entry attempt.

If you get your wins, you gain entry to day two. Unlike previous events, July 2022’s Arena Open had a different structure for day two. In the new system, players will compete in two separate rounds of Best-of-Three Limited Drafts. In the first round, players compete for up to three wins. However, if they lose once, they’re eliminated.

Players who reach three wins in Sealed day one receive a day two Draft two invitation. Day two Draft two is a separate event where players draft a new deck. Here, players similarly compete for up to three wins and the top prize of $2,500.

Here’s a rundown of the prize structure for the June Arena Open tournament:

Day Two Draft One

  • 0 Wins – 500 gems
  • 1 Win – 2,500 gems
  • 2 Wins – 5,000 gems
  • 3 Wins – Day 2 Draft Two invitation

Day Two Draft Two

  • 0 Wins – 20,000 gems
  • 1 Win – $1,000 + Qualifier Weekend invitation
  • 2 Wins – $2,000 + Qualifier Weekend invitation
  • 3 Wins – $2,500 + Qualifier Weekend invitation

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