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Well Played Glenside: Trading cards, toys, collectibles and a new social hub for youth


Shawn Ovens, a Jenkintown resident and co-owner of Well Played Glenside, unofficially opened in August. Kids and adults haven’t had a problem finding the new corner shop at 100 S Keswick Avenue.

Shawn runs the store with his father, John, of Huntingdon Valley, who has spent a lifetime accumulating antiquated goodies. They mostly sell trading cards and collectibles, but customers may find hidden gems of any star or stripe.

“The trading cards are mostly playable card games like Pokémon. My dad has accumulated a variety of Star Wars collectibles and cards from games like Yugioh, Magic, and Dragon Ball Z,” Shawn said. “It’s a bunch of eclectic items. He was always taking me to antique shops and such, so I’ve just kind of grown up in this culture. I’ve played tons of card games at a competitive level. I love playing and I’ve been able to teach kids how to play as well.”

The name “Well Played” is derived from the family’s experience with game etiquette.

“Win or lose, you’re supposed to shake hands after a competitive game and say, ‘Well played,’” Shawn said. “It promotes a sportsmanship attitude and a positive vibe. These are life lessons that you learn as a kid that hopefully carry over into adulthood.”

The shop also features a cafe area where customers and come in, hang out, and eat. Well Played Glenside is becoming a safe place where neighborhood kids can go after school and meet their friends without judgment. They may even learn about quantum mechanics, statistics, and art appreciation.

“These games are fun for kids, but they also help with math and statistics, with literature and vocabulary. Playing helps them be more social, and it helps them appreciate art. They learn how markets work, how to invest. There’s a lot to be learned from card games from both playing and collecting. It makes it relevant for them.

“Comics are the modern-day Mount Olympus. You have characters representing ancient gods which goes deep into major religions and theological themes,” he said.

Well Played Glenside has garnered attention in part through their Learn to Play and Trade Day events, one of which took place on November 4. The next Learn to Play event for Pokémon beginners is set for November 25 from 11:00am to 2:00pm.

“We hosted a Trade Day on Saturday. The next Trade Day will be November 16. We’re looking at two of those a month going forward,” Shawn said.

November kicked off the shop’s Pokémon League.

“The Pokémon League is a fun event because, in theory, you have different levels playing against each other. This time, I stuck to the Masters level so I could get a feel for how to run something like this. I’ll be adding the Intermediate division next month,” Shawn said. “We’ll eventually expand that concept into Magic, Yugioh, and other games with the same premise.

“It’s going pretty smoothly so far. The kids that come in are great. They’re very smart. Our future is looking good,” Shawn said.

He also noted that each of Well Played Glenside’s events are based on community input.

“We keep getting asked if we’re going to host a Dungeons and Dragons night. We just have to find a Dungeon Master to run it,” he said.

“This was my dad’s idea. It was his way of giving back to the community after retiring,” he said. “This is all nostalgia for both of us. I learned from him, and now I get to teach the next generation of players.”

The shop is open seven days a week, Thursday to Monday from 1:00pm to 8:00pm, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4:00pm to 8:00pm.

“If the door’s open, you can come in,” Shawn said. “We’re hoping to have a grand opening of some sort in December.”

For more on Well Played Glenside, you can visit their Facebook page and Instagram page.

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