Weekly Update (Nov 06): Brothers’ War Previews


This week was a surprisingly quiet one in the world of Magic finance, discounting weird promos and old Reserved List cards, the biggest gainer of the week was Reckless Stormseeker (showcase) which ticked up 34% to $3.60 thanks to a combination of Standard and Pioneer play in aggro decks. With The Brothers’ War releasing shortly, expect things to heat up soon as Standard gets a shakeup and players start building Commander decks based on the new legends and themes of the set.

Speaking of Commander, Chromatic Orrery got a bump this week, up 15% to $30. This seems to mostly be based on the new Brothers’ War legend Drafna, Founder of Lat-Nam, which goes infinite with Chromatic Orrery and a cheap way to untap it like Voltaic Key or Manifold Key. The idea is you tap Chromatic Orrery for five mana, use Voltaic Key to untap it for one, then use Drafna, Founder of Lat-Nam to bounce the Key for two mana and replay it for one. The end result of this process if that you net one mana (it costs a total of four and you gain five from Chromatic Orrery), giving you infinite mana of all colors, and thanks to the second ability of Chromatic Orrery, also allowing you to draw your entire deck. While the combo is spicy and I’m a big believer in Chromatic Orrery in five-color Commander decks, it’s worth mentioning that it’s definitely not a staple. According to EDHRec ,it only shows up in 2% of decks, so I wouldn’t expect to see it increase much more in the near future. 

Finally, checking in on The Meathook Massacre post-banning, it’s currently sitting at around $50 according to TCGplayer Mid, although most of the recent sales have been for somewhere between $45 and $48. With a bit of luck it could drop down to $45 or even $40, but I wouldn’t expect much more than that. If you’ve been waiting to pick up copies for Commander there probably isn’t a reason to wait much longer. Commander demand is going to keep the price high until the enchantment is reprinted, and if you wait too long you risk a The Great Henge situation. When The Great Henge rotated from Standard, it briefly dropped down near $40, then started to increase, climbing all the way up to $60, more expensive than it was for most of its life in Standard. The same trajectory seems very possible for post-banning The Meathook Massacre