Friday, June 2, 2023

Ultimate Funko Pop The Little Mermaid Figures Gallery and Checklist

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Funko Pop Little Mermaid continues to add popular characters from under the sea. Collectively, the set features multiple figures for the beloved Disney Princess and her underwater friends.

Appealing to both kids and adults with memorable characters and a hypnotic soundtrack, Disney’s animated film The Little Mermaid became an instant classic. All of the Funko Pop Little Mermaid vinyl figures reflect the traits of the film’s most adored characters, as well as the wicked Ursula.

The multiple Ariel versions showcase her in both mermaid and human form. Hipster mermaid Ariel and a sparkly gown human variant are issued exclusively at Hot Topic. Additionally, there is a 2013 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive 2-pack with metallic versions of Ariel and Ursula. Collectors can also find Sebastian smiling and the very cute Flounder figures at most retail outlets.

While most of the vinyl choices cover the animated classic from 1989, the live-action Funko Pop The Little Mermaid figures arrived in 2023. The set includes Halle Bailey as Ariel, Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric, Javier Bardem as King Triton, and Melissa McCarthy as Ursula.

Let us know by comment or email if you see any other Funko Pop Little Mermaid figures.

Set Checklist

Funko Pop Little Mermaid Figures Checklist

27 Ariel
28 Ursula
66 Ariel Hipster – Hot Topic
146 Ariel in Blue Dress
220 Ariel Gown
220 Ariel Glitter – Hot Topic
220 Ariel Glitter Translucent – Hot Topic
220 Ariel Gold Dress w/ pin – Funko
231 Ursula Diamond – Hot Topic
231 Ursula Rainbow Diamond – Hot Topic
236 Sebastian
237 Flounder
237 Flounder Diamond – Hot Topic
416 Finding Your Voice (Movie Moment) – Hot Topic
545 Ariel Sail Dress – BoxLunch
546 Kiss the Girl (Movie Moment) – Target
563 Ariel w/ Bag
563 Ariel Translucent Blue – Entertainment Earth
564 Ariel Purple Dress
564 Ariel Diamond Collection – Target Bundle
565 Prince Eric
566 Scuttle with fork
567 Chef Louis
568 Ursula w/ Eels
568 Ursula Diamond Collection – Hot Topic
568 Ursula Metallic – 2019 D23 Expo
569 Ursula 10″ GITD
570 King Triton – Hot Topic
740 Ursula as Vanessa – Pop in a Box
1012 Ariel
1012 Ariel Diamond – Hot Topic
1089 Ursula on Throne Deluxe
1169 Ariel with Eric Statue Moment – BoxLunch
1208 Villains Assemble: Ursula with Eels – Hot Topic
1239 Sebastian – Entertainment Earth

Live-Action Movie
1362 Ariel
1362 Ariel Diamond – Target
1363 Prince Eric
1364 Ursula
1365 King Triton
1367 Ariel & Friends Deluxe
VHS Covers
12 Ariel – Amazon
Ariel & Eric – Disney Treasures
Ursula w/ Cruella de Vil – Hot Topic
Pop Minis
Ariel & Ursula
Ariel & Ursula Metallic – 2013 SDCC

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