Ultimate Funko Pop South Park Figures Gallery and Checklist


The long-awaited Pop! debut for those mischievous boys has finally arrived with Funko Pop South Park vinyl figures. Get your South Park collection started with Cartman, Butters and even Mysterion!

The first wave of Funko Pop South Park includes main figures for the unhinged Eric Cartman, lovable Butters, and Kyle’s Canadian brother, Ike Broflovski. Since then, many more options have emerged, including Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Chef and Mr. Garrison.

While most Pop! sets are rolled into larger lines like Pop Television or Pop Movies, Funko Pop South Park is one of the few to get a fresh start on numbering with their own set. This likely speaks to the plans for the brand as only the biggest franchises—like Star Wars, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones—receive their own line.

The set continues to grow with new waves showcasing a variety of South Park seasons. There are also South Park: The Stick of Truth figures in the set.

Collectors are probably aware that these are not the first figures to tackle South Park. Kid Robot has also produced popular vinyl options for many of the characters in the show.


Funko Pop South Park Figures Checklist

01 Butters
02 Cartman
03 Ike Broflovski
04 Mysterion
05 Zombie Kenny – Hot Topic
06 Mint-Berry Crunch – 2017 SDCC
07 The Coon – 2017 SDCC
Wave 2
08 Stan
09 Kyle
10 Professor Chaos
11 Terrance
11 Terrance w/ Canadian Flag Chase
12 Phillip
12 Phillip w/ Canadian Flag Chase
13 Goth Stan – Hot Topic
14 Cartman w/ Clyde – GameStop
15 Chef
16 Kenny
17 Cartman Cop
18 Mr. Garrison – Specialty Series
19 Human Kite
20 Toolshed
21 Mr. Hankey
22 Randy Marsh
23 Butters as Marjorine
24 Jersey Kyle
25 A.W.E.S.O.M.-O

26 Stan Shadow Hachi
27 Cartman Faith+1
28 Princess Kenny
29 A.W.E.S.O.M.-O Unmasked – FYE
30 Grand Wizard Cartman
31 High Elf King Kyle
32 Paladin Butters
33 Ranger Stan Marshwalker
34 Towelie Flocked – Amazon
35 Kyle as Tooth Decay – 2021 ECCC Festival of Fun
36 Digital Stan GITD – 2022 SDCC
37 Boyband Cartman
38 Boyband Kenny
39 Boyband Kyle
40 Boyband Stan
South Park Boy Band Deluxe
24 South Park Elementary w/ PC Principal
2-Pack: Stan and Kyle – Best Buy