Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Ultimate Funko Pop Fortnite Figures Gallery and Checklist

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The Epic Games phenomenon known as Fortnite finally has made the move to vinyl with the Funko Pop Fortnite figures. The massive multiplayer video game has taken the world by storm and collectors now have multiple ways to celebrate their favorite characters and skins.

The game is so popular that the best and most popular players have become celebrities themselves, including online personalities like Ninja. While it seems like the game has been a cultural force for many years, it actually debuted in July of 2017. It was just over a year later when Funko officially teased the release of the Funko Pop Fortnite line during the Fundays event at San Diego Comic-Con 2018.

However, Funko waited two more months before announcing the first wave of Fortnite vinyl figures. When they did reveal the initial series, it was hyped even more with a live stream of the excitement at Funko headquarters.

Issued under the large Pop! Games line, Funko Pop Fortnite starts off with a very sizable selection. This includes multiple exclusives.

Drop us an email or leave a comment if you see any more figures to add to the guide.


Funko Pop Fortnite Figures Checklist

426 Black Knight
427 Brite Bomber
427 Brite Bomber – Amazon
428 Codename E.L.F. – Target
429 Crackshot – Walmart
430 Cuddle Team Leader
430 Cuddle Team Leader Flocked – GameStop
431 Highrise Assault Trooper
432 Love Ranger
432 Love Ranger Metallic – Best Buy
433 Merry Marauder
434 Moonwalker
435 Omega
436 Raptor
437 Red-Nosed Raider – GameStop
438 Skull Trooper
438 Skull Trooper GITD – Walmart
438 Skull Trooper Purple – 2020 E3 Expo
439 Tower Recon Specialist
442 Dark Voyager
442 Dark Voyager GITD – NYCC
443 Rex
443 Rex GITD – Target
457 Burnout
458 Zoey
459 Raven
460 Havoc
461 Sparkle Specialist
462 Tricera Ops
463 Valor
464 Dark Vanguard GITD
465 Ragnarok
465 Ragnarok GITD – Walmart
466 Drift

509 Battle Hound GITD – 2019 E3 Expo
510 Loot Llama
510 Loot Lama GITD – 2019 SDCC/Walmart
511 Loot Llama 10″ Super-Sized
512 DJ Yonder
513 Tomatohead
514 Leviathan
515 P.A.N.D.A. Team Leader
566 Peely
567 Frozen Raven
568 Fishstick
569 Giddy Up
570 Wild Card
602 Rippley – 2020 SDCC
612 8Ball
613 Ghoul Trooper (Zombie)
614 Galaxy
615 Scratch
616 Blackheart
617 Ultima Knight
618 The Scientist
623 Bash – 2020 NYCC
637 Midas (Shadow)
638 Eternal Voyager
639 Meowscles
640 TNTina
887 Gumbo
888 Shadow Midas
889 The Foundation
890 Toon Meowscles
Ryu & Brite Bomber

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