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Ultimate Funko Pop Avatar The Last Airbender Figures Gallery and Checklist

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Funko Pop Avatar The Last Airbender starts with a bang. And an Aang. Likely to please many fans and collectors, the Pop! Animation line is not short on vinyl options for the Nickelodeon series.

Avatar: The Last Airbender largely centers around Aang and he kicks off the set. Shown in a fighting stance, Funko Pop Avatar The Last Airbender features Aang with his winger lemur, Momo. Aang also comes riding his airscooter in a Hot Topic exclusive and glow-in-the-dark chase variant. Aang’s flying bison, Appa, is a separate option.

Zuko can be found in a main edition and a chase variant that averages 1:6 boxes, as well. His sister Azula is exclusive to the Funko Insider Club at GameStop.

OtherΒ Funko Pop Avatar The Last Airbender figures includeΒ Iroh, Katara, Sokka, and Toph.

Let us know in the comments or email us if you see any other Funko Pop Avatar The Last Airbender options.

Set Checklist

Funko Pop Avatar The Last Airbender Figures Checklist

534 Aang with Momo
534 Aang with Momo GITD – Walmart
535 Katara
536 Sokka
537 Toph
538 Zuko
538 Zuko Chase
539 Iroh
540 Appa
540 Appa Flocked – Funko
541 Aang on Airscooter – Hot Topic
541 Aang GITD Chase – Hot Topic
542 Azula – GameStop
643 Appa Flocked 6″ – BoxLunch
656 Cabbage Man & Cart – 2019 NYCC
838 Zuko GITD – BoxLunch
940 Aang (Spirit) GITD – BoxLunch
995 Aang – FunkoShop
995 Aang Metallic – Funko Hollywood
996 Suki
997 Ty Lee
998 Admiral Zhao
999 Fire Lord Ozai
1000 Aang (Avatar State)
1000 Aang (Avatar State) GITD – Target

1001 Admiral Zhao GITD – Amazon
1002 The Blue Spirit – Hot Topic
1002 The Blue Spirit GITD Chase – Hot Topic
1003 Mai with Knives
1044 Air Bending Aang –Β 2021 ECCC Festival of Fun
1058 Fire Lord Ozai – Chalice
1079 Azula – Big Apple
1079 Azula GITD Chase – Big Apple
1130 Katara GITD – Volcano X
1380 King Bumi – Entertainment Earth
1439 Floating Aang
1439 Floating Aang GITD – Amazon
1440 Azula
1441 Iroh
1442 Momo
1443 Appa with Armor
1444 King Bumi Throne Deluxe
1489 Kyoshi – Entertainment Earth
SE Freddy Funko as Aang – 2022 Fundays
Digital NFT Redeemables
52 Fire Nation Aang
53 Kuruk
54 Painted Lady
56 Freddy Funko as Aang

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