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Top 10 Andre Agassi Tennis Cards

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When you look at tennis icons, Andre Agassi ranks high. Sure he was dominant in the sport, spending 101 total weeks as the top-ranked men’s tennis player in the world. There’s also the eight career Grand Slam tournament wins, Olympic gold medal and numerous memorable matches against some of the sport’s other greats.

But Agassi is more than that. He didn’t just win but he looked cool doing it. Agassi rose to fame during the Nike era. His fashion sense and numerous endorsements helped make him a household name off the court just as much as on it. Andre Agassi is a key part of 1980s and ’90s pop culture.

Take these two things together and it’s no wonder that Andre Agassi tennis cards have an audience despite an overall lull in the hobby for the sport.

With fewer than 200 cards to his name, there really isn’t a lot out there for collectors. The vast majority of that comes from the mid ’00s and the end of his on-court career when Ace Authentic was putting out releases regularly. But you can trace the earliest Andre Agassi cards back to the late 1980s. Some of his most valuable have come out long after his retirement.

Here’s a look at 10 of the best and most important Andre Agassi tennis cards.

Top 10 Andre Agassi Tennis Cards

1988 Panini Supersport Andre Agassi #199

First “card” and rules are already being broken. Andre Agassi’s first mainstream hobby appearance isn’t technically a card. But this 1988 Panini Supersport sticker has plenty of crossover appeal so it deserves mention. Part of an international multi-sport release, it’s moderately tough to find — even more so if you’re going for top condition copies. For those who want to take things a step further, there are multiple variations when it comes to the sticker that’s on the reverse.

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1988 Nike Poster Cards Andre Agassi – Ace of Hearts

Not necessarily intended to be a trading card, Nike distributed mini versions of their iconic advertising posters to stores. Meant for display, they’re oversized measuring 5″ by 7″. Agassi appears on a couple such cards, the first of which came out in 1988 and has the tennis legend and his trademark mullet basking in the neon haze of Las Vegas.

These are out there, but not in large quantities. Given the timeframe and connection to the emerging sneaker culture that emerged from the period, it could be argued these are overlooked despite their relatively strong prices.

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1989 Nike Poster Cards Andre Agassi II

The following year, another Andre Agassi Nike poster was released in card form. The neon is gone from the background. Now it’s part of the design and the fashion. Agassi’s looking more edgy as well and not quite so boy next door.

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1989 Sports Illustrated for Kids Andre Agassi #47

Like a lot of athletes outside of the tradition “sports card” sports, Andre Agassi’s first actual trading card came in the pages of Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine.

Included on a sheet inside the June issue (Janet Evans cover), it has the usual perforated edges SI for Kids cards are known for. It also means that there are all kinds of potential condition issues. From poor centering to paper loss from separating individual cards, finding one in top condition will command a significant premium.

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Andre Agassi Tennis Cards - 1989 Sports Illustrated for Kids

1991 NetPro Tour Stars Andre Agassi #3

If you’re looking for the Andre Agassi Rookie Card in the traditional sense of distribution, you’ll find it in 1991 NetPro Tour Stars. While tennis cards weren’t as popular as other mainstream sports cards like baseball and basketball, it was still 1991. Supply is not an issue and prices are still reasonable and that’s unlikely to change.

The 1991 NetPro Andre Agassi has a promo variation. Virtually identical, it has a “Prototype” mark on the back. Although not quite as prevalent on the secondary market as the standard version, it’s still not rare.

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Andre Agassi Tennis Cards - 1991 NetPro Tour Stars Andre Agassi

2005 Ace Authentic Signature Series Autographs Andre Agassi #11 /100

2005 Ace Authentic Signature Series is the first product to include Andre Agassi autograph cards. His standard card has 100 copies. There are a couple of others on the product’s checklist, though, including a Moments Autograph that honors his 1999 French Open win and a dual auto with fellow American Lindsay Davenport.

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2010 Ace Authentic Aces Dual Autographs Andre Agassi/Pete Sampras #DC/SA /25

With a such a prolific career, Andre Agassi had several key opponents over the years. However, if you had to narrow it down to one rivalry that defined him there’s little doubt who most would choose. Pete Sampras is one of tennis’ greats. Over the course of the ’90s, both spent significant amounts of time at or near the top of the ATP rankings. More than that, Sampras was the yang to Agassi’s flashy ying. Naturally, a dual autograph of the pair is an appropriate tribute to their parallel careers. Limited to 25 copies, it has the added appeal of on-card signatures, an attribute that not a lot of Ace Authentic cards have.

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2011 Ace Authentic Match Point 2 Dual Autographs Andre Agassi/Roger Federer #DC/FA /25

From one impressive dual autograph to another, this one represents a passing of the torch of sorts. Whereas Sampras could be seen as a peer, rival and equal to Agassi, Federer marked a new generation. His rise to prominence came at a time when Agassi’s career was starting to wind down. It’s also a unicorn with just 25 copies.

2020 Topps Transcendent Tennis Hall of Fame Andre Agassi #6 /50

After a relative lull in tennis for a few years, Topps partnered with the Hall of Fame for a couple of sets. The first was a straightforward box set best known for having one of the earliest Namoi Osaka cards. They followed that up by going to the extreme high-end with 2020 Topps Transcendent Tennis Hall of Fame. The product’s plentiful autographs anchor the checklist but the base set is strong as well. Limited to 50 copies, this Agassi card has a couple of peek photos. Lending itself to Transcendent’s luxury pedigree, it also has a metal frame.

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Andre Agassi Tennis Cards - 2020 Topps Transcendent

2020 Topps Transcendent Tennis Hall of Fame Framed Autographs Andre Agassi #TCA-AA /25

It’s not the earliest Andre Agassi autograph card but this one from 2020 Topps Transcendent is one of the benchmarks. Ignoring the fact that it comes from a set that was thousands of dollars per box, the design is elegant. Etched gold foil go with the metal border nicely. The photo from the Las Vegas native’s 1992 Wimbledon win is a nice one. It has just 25 copies plus only seven parallels total. It’s also one of the few Andre Agassi autograph cards with an on-card signature.

Agassi also has a one-of-one Superfractor autograph in Transcendent done with the 1952 Topps Baseball design. This may very well be Agassi’s single most valuable card.

Parallels: Emerald (/5), Platinum (1/1), Red (1/1)

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Andre Agassi Tennis Cards - 2020 Topps Transcendent Andre Agassi Autograph

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