The Tokens of The Brothers’ War


To play out the epic battles of Dominaria’s past, you’ll need all the tokens you can get your hands on! The Brothers’ War products feature a total of 27 full-art tokens and one Saheeli Planeswalker emblem to join your forces.

You can find 12 of these tokens and the emblem in Draft and Set Boosters; in Collector Boosters, you’ll find these as double-sided tokens with a Powerstone token on the front face, all in the traditional foil treatment!

Transformers cards also join the fight in The Brothers’ War. You can find the two full-art Transformers tokens, Laserbeak and Ravage, in The Brothers’ War Set and Collector Boosters.

The two Commander decks from The Brothers’ War make up the remaining 13 token types. Each deck includes ten double-sided tokens to back you up on the battlefield.

Build your army and your collection! Preorder The Brothers’ War Booster Displays, Bundles, Commander decks, and more from your local game store and online retailers like Amazon.

Visit The Brothers’ War Card Image Gallery to see the cards in the set, including the ones that create these tokens. You can also stop by The Brothers’ War Variant Card Image Gallery for a look at the Booster Fun and promo versions of The Brothers’ War cards, then check out The Brothers’ War Commander Card Image Gallery to see the cards in the two Commander decks!

The Brothers’ War

Forest Dryad

Construct (2/2)
Construct (Urzan)

Soldier (Mishran)
Soldier (Urzan)

Zombie (artifact)

Emblem (Saheeli)

The Brothers’ War Commander

Urza’s Iron Alliance

  • 1 Phyrexian Horror // Servo token
  • 1 Construct (Urzan) // Servo token
  • 1 Construct (Urzan) // Thopter token
  • 1 Myr // Thopter token
  • 1 Thopter // Faerie token
  • 1 Copy // Thopter (blue) token
  • 1 Powerstone // Myr token
  • 1 Powerstone // Faerie token
  • 2 Myr // Servo tokens

Mishra’s Burnished Banner

  • 1 Servo // Eldrazi (10/10) token
  • 1 Servo // Powerstone token
  • 1 Mishra’s Warform // Inkling token
  • 1 Copy // Inkling token
  • 1 Scrap // Phyrexian Myr (Brudiclad) token
  • 1 Scrap // Powerstone token
  • 1 Goat // Construct (1/1) token
  • 1 Construct (1/1) // Phyrexian Myr (Brudiclad) token
  • 2 Copy // Powerstone tokens