The four armies found themselves gathered once again to face off in the endless war. Once again, they all were sent scrambling t…

The four armies found themselves gathered once again to face off in the endless war. Once again, they all were sent scrambling to attain resources, conquer lands, in the rush to bring their forces to bear on the battlefield. #MTGWH40k #WarhammerCommunity
Achingly slowly they gained ground and in doing so began to build up their base. It was the Forces of the Imperium who first brought forth a Sol Ring before bringing the Inquisitor Greyfax out soon afterward.
Szarek spies an opportunity to exploit and attacks the Chaos army. With this minor win, he found the Night Scythe among those which he committed to the grave. That Scythe would surely prove useful in the immediate future.
Abaddon, taking great offense at Szarekh’s attack, responds in kind. After dealing damage to the Necron forces, ripe with arcane psychic powers, he brings forth a Noise Marine.
From this new arrival comes a Dark Ritual adding further mana, as well as a new Assault Suit. After that the Noise Marine temporarily defeats the Inquisitor, knowing fully well she will return to the fray again. And lastly, a Bile Blight is used to kill the Zephyrim.
The Necrons call forth a Skorpekh Lord before their leader, Szarek, attacks the Imperium, continuing to escalate the enmity between them. Szarekh is able to find a new ally, the Technomancer, who he will call upon soon.
Not satisfied with what he sees, Abaddon reaches into the depths of his arcane psychic powers and summons forth Be’lakor, the Dark Master, bidding him to aid the Chaos forces in battle.
Small skirmishes continue among the combatants, with little remarkable until the Necrons bring forth the terrible Shard of the Void Dragon. An undeniable threat to the uneasy balance that had developed on the battlefield.
This threat cannot be allowed and the Chaos Space Marines call upon arcane psychic powers for ‘Chaos Mutation.’ The Swarmlord is exiled; replaced by Magus Lucea Kane. The Shard of the Void Dragon becomes Chronomancer. And Noise Marines become Aspiring Champion.
Not finished, the Chaos Marines also bring forth a Chaos Terminator Lord from the psychic surge of the Chaos Mutation, before armoring up the new Aspiring Champion in the Assault Suit.
Battles on the table continue, each force seeing their life forces diminish. The Chaos Space Marines send Be’lakor at the Imperium. The Imperium sends their forces at the Tyranid swarm.
The Tyranids utilizes the newly arrived Magus to bring forth a Hormagaunt Horde, pouring enough resources into it to gain a second Horde through the Magus’ sorcery. Not feeling able to withstand many more attacks, the Hive Mind though is forced to remain on defense.
The Chaos Space Marines give Be’lakor double strike before he charges the Imperial forces; then the Aspiring Champion assaults the Necrons. After they’ve wrought their destruction, Abaddon sacrifices the Champion to get a Demon Defiler, which kills the Tyranid’s Malanthrope.
The Chaos Space Marines bring forth a Lord of Change to provide more units for the army. With the Lord of Change’s arrival, it and Be’lakor destroy the Necron Skorpekh Lord. And from the demon’s chaos sorcery, cascades forth The Ruinous Powers.
Szarek lashes out at the Tyranids, believing it will give them greater power to fight against the forces of Chaos. Something which brings Skorpekh Lord and Illuminor Szeras back into the Necron’s fold for future use, and casting Psychomancer.
The Chaos Space Marines seize the opportunity and finish the Tyranids off; leaving just them and the Necrons. They do not fear them and their advanced technology. The Necrons will be next to fall before the Legions of Chaos.
Little did Abaddon know that Szarekh has one major trick left… The Chaos Space Marines watch in horror as those around them crumple to the ground before those few already dead and buried rise to fight again.
The Necrons though, this cycling of their forces is a welcome shift. The many dead of their own rise, returning to the combat, ready to fight once more.

The Chaos legion can only watch in horror as they are suddenly the hunted and not the hunter.

Without Abaddon, the forces of Chaos make use of Horus Heresy to gain control of the Shard of the Void Dragon, harnessing its power to theirs and again turning the tide of battle. They then bring forth a Knight Rampager to the battle.
The battle enters a fevor pitch, with the Chaos army on the brink of victory. They bring forth a Bloodthirster and immediately enhance its monstrous abilities. As the Shard of the Void Dragon and Knight Rampager stride forward, victory looms with the combination of their attack.
But the cold calculating of those that do not fear death, find a single path to victory. First they use Tomb Blade to block Shard of the Void Dragon.
Then, victory is seized by disabling, not killing, the Knight Rampager. By taking the trample damage and putting the Necron forces on just 1 life point, the Chaos forces are now exhausted and can now be overrun.
The Chaos army, tapped out from their miscalculated assault, are overrun by the Necron forces who leave only destruction and death behind them.