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The 10 Most Expensive MTG Cards In The List – November 2022


In 2020, Wizards of the Coast introduced The List to Magic: the Gathering. This rotating list of cards gives players exactly what they’re clamoring for most; reprints. Appearing as a replacement for a Set Booster’s marketing card roughly 25% of the time, The List injects a healthy number of reprints into the game. Cards on The List vary from much-needed competitive format staples to Commander favorites and icons. 

With the release of Dominaria United, a lot of expensive cards were added to its List. That being said, some of the most expensive cards previously on The List have been removed! Thanks to the recent Double Masters 2022, a lot of expensive cards that were on The List have since been removed because of the reprint. This has led to a lot of movement on this list, and some of the changes may surprise you. 

While The Brothers’ War has removed even more expensive cards from The List, it also added a few Modern staples that may overtake The List completely. Honestly, The Brothers’ War additions to The List, in my opinion, are only a positive thing.

As a quick note, prices in this list are based on TCGplayer’s Market Price at the time of writing. As a result, many of the newer additions to The List may be underpriced. Without further ado, here are the top 11 most expensive cards on The Brothers’ War List in November 2022!

10 – Elvish Champion – $13.70

Elvish Champion | The List

Elvish Champion has a ton of printings historically but retains an impressive asking price. Like many new additions to The List, this card does not have a lot of sales data yet. Elvish Champion is a fantastic Lord for Elf decks in Commander. Green is one of the most popular colors in the format, commonly making your Elves unblockable.

9 – Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni – $14.14

Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni | The List

Recently added in Dominaria United, Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni is a Legendary Rat Ninja capable of reanimating creatures from any graveyard under your control when dealing damage. Its Ninjutsu ability allows Ink-Eyes to deal damage out of nowhere, making it significantly easier to get through to an unexpecting opponent. To top things off, Ink-Eyes can Regenerate, making it incredibly difficult to remove should you have some open mana.

8 – K’rikk, Son of Yawgmoth – $14.40

k'rrik, son of yawgmoth

This card has been seeing a ton of printings lately. Between the Post Malone Secret Lair and its new addition to The List thanks to The Brothers’ War, I would expect this EDH favorite to see a drop in price in the near future.

7 – Crescendo of War – $14.65

With the ability to clone any creature on the battlefield, Sakashima’s Student is an incredibly powerful card. Typically found in Commander Ninja Decks, Sakashima’s Student’s Ninjutsu ability makes it a true force to be reckoned with. After all, Sakashima’s Student can enter the battlefield as a clone of Blightsteel Colossus and immediately threaten lethal damage. Unlike some of the other Sakashima cards, the student is not capable of copying legendary creatures without the legendary rule applying.

6 – Karn Liberated – $19.65

Karn Liberated | The List

Karn Liberated was added during Dominaria United’s List update. It seems to have settled around the $20 mark in the secondary market since then. Karn Liberated is a historical threat in Modern, appearing as early as turn three in Tron builds. This Planeswalker is capable of removing threats and attacking your opponent’s hand, all while being a nightmare to remove because of how easy it is for Karn to gain loyalty. Like any high-impact threat, this card is also a popular option in Commander.

5 – Goldspan Dragon – $20

Goldspan Dragon
Goldspan Dragon | The List

While it originally kept its price tag high as a result of Commander interest, Goldspan Dragon is now worth a fraction of its former glory. That said, a crisp $20 bill for the card’s List version showcases its power level in Commander alone. Treasure Tokens are taking Commander by storm, and having access to a creature that not only creates Treasure Tokens but also doubles the mana they create, will remain incredibly relevant as long as Treasure support keeps getting printed. This card synergizes beautifully with the number one slot.

4 – Contamination – $25.25


Even though this is the first time we’re seeing Contamination in our top 10 list, it was included in Dominaria United. Upon release, The List version of this card was not valued for much, going for only about $9. Since then, it has matched its original printing’s price from Urza’s Saga at about $25.

Basically, this is an even more atrocious Blood Moon. Modern players already know how problematic that card is and, as long as you can consistently pay its upkeep cost, Contamination can lock your opponents out of the game completely. This is powerful, but not a great way to make friends playing EDH.

3 – Old Gnawbone – $27.29

Old Gnawbone
Old Gnawbone | The List

At roughly $43, Old Gnawbone was the most expensive card on The List for July and September 2022. Come Novemeber, Old Gnawbone has seen some retraction in price, and has fallen a few places as a result.

At seven mana, Old Gnawbone doesn’t come cheap, but their effect more than makes up for that. With the ability to create an insane number of treasure tokens Old Gnawbone quickly pays for itself, and then anything else you might want to cast in the future. This has made Old Gnawbone a Commander powerhouse.

2 – Urza’s Saga – $29.61

urza's saga
Urza’s Saga

The Brothers’ War’s best List additions are coming rolling in at the top slots! Urza’s Saga is a staple in every format its legal in. The card is so powerful in Modern that it is single handedly warping the entire format.

Commander players should not be disappointed with this pull either! Urza’s Saga’s final mode allows you to tutor for some of the most powerful mana rocks available, like Mana Crypt and Sol Ring. To top things off, Urza’s Saga looks fantastic with some of the new Brothers’ War cards. We wrote about that here.

1 – Force of Vigor – $31.92

Force of Vigor

The most expensive List card in November goes to another new introduction from The Brothers’ War. Like Urza’s Saga, Force of Vigor is a Modern-legal card that sees a ton of play in the format, and every other format its legal in. The unique combination of outing two threats, while also being free to cast makes it a unique answer to some incredibly powerful cards like Blood Moon and, ironically, Urza’s Saga. The demand for the top two cards on The List is so high right now that, unless something else gets added, I don’t see their positions changing any time soon.

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