Single Scoop: Esper Control is Back! (Standard, Magic Arena)


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Everyone has been asking how can control exist in the current standard? Well, this list is damn close to being good. I have a few memes in Timeless Lotus but the deck is very much a contender. Depending on which side of the ladder you play, Bo1 or Bo3, control has so much versatility right now. Void Rend is a removal spell I expect to take off as you can ignore Ward and deal with counterspell-loaded decks like Mono Blue

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It comes at a cost as it is WUB but it’s one of if not the best answers in standard. Combine that with Ertai’s Scorn which helps on turns where an opponent tries to make a double play to lower our shields, standard has some sweet tools. Some other sweet tools to help us stay in the game against discard heavy or black based midrange decks will be Karn’s Sylex and Silver Scrutiny

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Karn’s salad bowl is powerful in that it’s passive shuts down Tenacious Underdog which is in every black-based deck but on top of that, it can serve as a solid Pernicious Deed that can clean sweep the board! Most of the black-based decks struggle with dealing with an artifact right now. We’ve also got to worry about the way black decks one for one and attrition us over the course of a game but with the combination of Memory Deluge and Silver Scrutiny, we have tons of raw card advantage. Often times opponents will just concede to a Scrutiny for 7 like how people concede to a Sphinx’s Revelation


I genuinely believe there’s a powerful control shell in standard and maybe my numbers aren’t perfect but I feel my list is getting close. The meta can shift by the time this video comes out so if you need, you can add more spot removal like Cut Down. if it gets a bit more control heavy, you can move sweeper numbers around for more Negates!

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