Praetor Civil War | Commander Clash S13 E17


Welcome back to Commander Clash! With Phyrexia being the big bads of this year, we decided to answer a question: which Phyrexian Praetor is the strongest? Let’s find out by having them duke it out in a Preator Civil War!

Phil was still on vacation during this recording so we got a super special guest, Justin Parnell, to join us for this episode!

Seth’s Deck

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Crim’s Deck

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Justin’s Deck

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Tomer’s Deck

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What Are You Playing On?

We’re playing Commander on a program called Magic Online. If you’re interested in Magic Online, then check out my Commander-focused guide to the program over here!

House Bans

This season, we are using the official Commander banned list along with the following house bans:

Next Up: Brother’s War!

The Brother’s War has come to Magic Online, so it’s time to check out the newest commanders from the set!