Pokemon TCG to be released in China!


The Pokemon TCG is about to get even better, with the Pokemon Company releasing the TCG in mainland China. This version of the game will use simplified Chinese for the first time, with previous versions being released in Taiwan and Hong Kong in 2019 using the traditional Chinese language. 

The news was announced on the official Chinese Pokemon Website, which showed details of a press conference being held on September 28th on the Bilibili video app. The Simplified Chinese version of the Pokemon TCG will start with the Sun & Moon era, which was the series they first released in Taiwan and Hong Kong in traditional Chinese. The first two sets released in Taiwan and Hong Kong were made up of SM1 to SM4 cards. Since then, they have managed to catch up to the Japanese release schedule. This is likely the plan for the simplified Chinese game, with larger sets releasing throughout 2023. 

Because of censorship in China, several Pokemon names will be changed in the TCG so that they can be included. Some Pokemon may not make an appearance at all if they are deemed culturally inappropriate or have religious references. Because of the strict gaming rules for children in China, there may not be an organised play system coming to mainland China anytime soon, as we see in many other countries. 

Pokemon TCG China

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