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Pokemon TCG SV2a 151 Booster Box Sales Summary


What is the product about?

The Pokemon TCG SV2a 151 is a captivating expansion that was released on June 16, 2023. It is a unique set as it embraces the nostalgia of the original 151 Pokemon from the Kanto region, melding it with fresh mechanics and appealing full-art cards.

One of the noteworthy cards includes Vileplume with its “Fully Blooming Energy” ability, which offers an exciting gameplay dynamic by allowing players to attach any number of Basic Energy cards from the top 8 cards of their deck to their Pokemon.

Moreover, the comeback of Kadabra in this set, alongside new tool cards like Safety Goggles and Giovanni’s’ Charisma, adds a distinctive flavour to the collection​.

Original Cost of the Product

The original cost of the Pokemon TCG SV2a 151 Booster Box was priced at around 5,800 yen (which is approximately USD 50) upon its release.

Current Estimated Cost and Value Gain/Loss

The current market value of the SV2a 151 Booster Box is approximately USD 166.96. This represents a gain of ~ USD 116.96 or about ~234% increase. Based on the average sold prices over the last couple of months, the prices have been well above USD 150.

Prices have dropped in September due to a new wave of restocks. However, it seems that the demand for this product has recovered over the recent weeks as we observe prices climbing back up again in October.

Over the last few weeks, average prices and quantity sold have also steadily increased. We do expect this trend to continue in the short term due to the upcoming holiday period as well.

  • Average price sold per day trend with moving average.
  • Average items sold per day trend with moving average.

Unique Items and Design Elements

The SV2a 151 Booster Box boasts a rich collection of unique items and design elements contributing to its value. Including all 151 original Kanto Pokemon in full-art form is a significant draw for collectors. Additionally, unique and playable cards like Vileplume and Kadabra, along with new tool cards, enrich the set’s appeal. The box design, reminiscent of the original Kanto Pokemon theme, encapsulates the essence of this exciting expansion, making it a treasured possession for many.

Sentiment Towards the Product

The sentiment towards the Pokemon TCG SV2a 151 Booster Box is generally positive, with many appreciating the nostalgia of having all 151 original Kanto Pokemon. The set is noted to be a best-selling product in Q2 2023 on eBay Japan, indicating its popularity among a broad demographic, including both young and old audiences​.

Investment Strategy

The Pokemon TCG SV2a 151 Booster Box is uniquely appealing due to its embodiment of the nostalgic 151 original Pokemon from the Kanto region, fused with fresh gameplay dynamics. This analysis aims to provide strategic insights into optimizing the investment value of this product.

  1. Market Analysis and Timing: Observing the market trends specifically for the SV2a 151 Booster Box is crucial. The price dynamics in September and October 2023, influenced by a restock wave and subsequent recovery, highlight the necessity of timing the investment to capitalize on such market fluctuations. With the holiday season approaching, a surge in demand and possibly prices is anticipated, presenting a potentially opportune time to invest.
  2. Long-term Investment: The nostalgic allure of the original 151 Kanto Pokemon, the modern gameplay dynamics, and the appealing full-art cards position the SV2a 151 Booster Box as a potentially appreciating asset over time. As the set becomes rarer in the market, its value will likely rise, making a long-term holding strategy viable.
  3. Supply Monitoring: Staying updated on announcements regarding restocks or new expansions is vital, as these could impact the value of the SV2a 151 Booster Box. The price recovery post-restock signifies robust and sustained interest in this specific product.
  4. Engagement with Collector Communities: Pokemon TCG communities can provide insights into the ongoing sentiment around the SV2a 151 Booster Box. Its status as a best-selling product on eBay Japan in Q2 2023 underscores its popularity and potential for value appreciation.
  5. Geographic Consideration:
    • Availability: Initially limited to Japan, with controlled restocks, the demand was high, which is a positive indicator for investment.
    • International Distribution: The availability of international shipping from the UK expands the geographic reach, potentially catering to the demand in European markets and beyond​.

Employing a combination of these strategies could pave the way for a well-informed and potentially rewarding investment in the Pokemon TCG SV2a 151 Booster Box. The blend of nostalgia, unique gameplay mechanics, and favourable market trends underscore the investment potential of this enticing TCG product.

Call to Action

Now is an opportune moment to delve into the Pokemon TCG SV2a 151 Booster Box and enrich your collection with the timeless charm of the original 151 Pokemon. With its blend of nostalgia and new gameplay dynamics, this set offers a rewarding experience for collectors and players. Don’t miss out on owning a piece of this unique expansion.

Summary and Conclusion

The Pokemon TCG SV2a 151 Booster Box is a noteworthy addition to any collection, offering a nostalgic trip down the lane with the original 151 Kanto Pokemon, complemented by new gameplay mechanics. Although the cost of the Booster Box remains elusive, the positive sentiment and the unique offerings of this set make it a tempting investment opportunity for collectors and TCG enthusiasts.

Disclaimer: Data and analysis written in this post are solely for informational purposes and should not be used to make speculative purchases on items such as Pokémon cards.

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