Saturday, January 28, 2023

Pokémon TCG SM12a Tag Team GX Booster Box Sales Analysis

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Our alerts show prices have recently been trending up for the SM12a Tag Team GX Booster Box boxes. As such, we would like to look at this product’s sales, statistics and price forecast. The booster boxes were initially released on 04 Oct-19.

Note: Sales data are cleaned and obtained off eBay completed and sold items and are accurate as of 14 Jan-23. Prices are all in $USD.

Sales Summary

Average Price & Number Of Items Sold Per Day

Next, we’ll look at the average sold price per day with a 7-day weekly moving average to identify trends, if any.

  • Per our alerts, this product’s prices have started trending upward from Nov-22.
  • Items sold per day, other the other hand remains relatively stable with ~2 booster boxes sold per day on eBay.

Correlation Between Price & Quantity Sold

  • From the correlation plot no strong relationship between both of these variables are observed.

Forecasted Price Sold

We will also fit a 14-day price forecasting model based on the data obtained to forecast the price sold in the near term. Based on the forecast model, we expect prices for the booster box to remain elevated in the near term.

  • 14-day forecasted price sold

Disclaimer: data and analysis written in this post are solely for informational purposes and should not be used to make speculative purchases on items such as Pokémon cards.

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