Pokemon TCG – First Paradigm Trigger card reveals! 


Pokemon Japan has revealed the first cards of their upcoming set, Paradigm Trigger, which will release on October 21st. The reveal was made during the Champion’s League tournament Livestream and will include 98 cards, not counting the Secret Rares of the set. Paradigm Trigger will include a cast of ancient Pokemon, including the Claydol, Armaldo and Omastar evolution lines, as seen in an image shared by the Pokemon Company to celebrate the announcement.

Although only a handful of cards have been shared, the Regieleki VMAX, Regidrago VSTAR, Unown VSTAR and Lugia VSTAR cards have been revealed for the Paradigm Trigger set. Those who buy a booster box will also receive a special promo pack containing five stamped promos. The Lugia VSTAR and Archeops are alt arts of cards in the set, while Shaymin is an original card. The Lugia V and Double Turbo Energy will be reprints. 

Paradigm Trigger

Paradigm Trigger cards revealed so far – 

We will see several cards from the Japanese Paradigm Trigger set, as well as Incandescent Arcana, included in the English Silver Tempest set, releasing on November 11th. To learn more about this upcoming set and other products coming in the next couple of months, check out our article here

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