Pokemon TCG – Crown Zenith set officially announced!


The Pokemon Company has officially announced the final set of the Sword & Shield era, Crown Zenith. This special set will include cards from recent Japanese sets that didn’t make it into the English game. A majority of the cards from the Japanese equivalent to this set,  VSTAR Universe, will also make it into Crown Zenith. A new rarity will also be introduced with these sets, which are called AR (Art Rares) and SAR (Special Art Rares).

Official Set Description – 

‘The Legendary heroes Zacian and Zamazenta shine with new VSTAR Powers, and an all-star assembly of Pokémon and Trainers arrive to celebrate the era of Pokémon V! Discover dazzling special illustrations in the Galarian Gallery, and wield the strength of rare and powerful Pokémon, including Charizard as both a Pokémon VSTAR and Radiant Pokémon. Many more Pokémon have their own tales to tell in battle as the Sword & Shield Series reaches its towering peak in the Pokémon TCG: Crown Zenith expansion!’

Crown Zenith will include over 160 cards, three brand new Radiant Pokemon, five colossal Pokemon VMAX cards, 8 shining Pokemon VSTAR cards and 17 Pokemon V cards. There will also be 70 cards in the Galarian Gallery which will have special artwork. 

Crown Zenith
Image: VSTAR Universe

Crown Zenith will release on January 20th 2023, just before the first Scarlet and Violet products are released. To learn more about the upcoming Pokemon TCG sets, including Silver Tempest, VSTAR Universe, Crown Zenith and Scarlet and Violet, click on the links below – 

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