Pokemon Japan redesign booster boxes to prevent resealing


In order to combat the booster box resealing issues in Japan, Pokemon have decided to redesign the Japanese booster boxes so that tampering will be much more difficult. With the new design, opening boosters will damage the box and will clearly show signs of being disturbed. 

The new design will have a tear strip near the base of the box, that will have to be detached to get into it. Of course, you could try and get into the box by pulling away the sides, but this will also damage the box and make it clear that it has been tampered with. Last year, stores in Japan selling Pokemon TCG booster boxes were forced to remove the shrink wrap after the purchase was made, to prevent it from being used to reseal the box. While this strategy worked, it didn’t go down well with sealed collectors. 

Would you like to see these kinds of security measures added to the English booster boxes? This would certainly help combat the influx of scammers seen within the community and will reassure sealed collectors that their products have not been interfered with before purchasing from non-store sellers. 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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