Monday, March 27, 2023

Pokémon Center’s Exclusive Pikachu Funko Is A Major Let Down.

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The Pokémon Center released an exclusive Pikachu Funko Pop that has caused quite a stir among collectors and fans. The item was released earlier today, and has quickly gained attention due to its limited availability and not so unique design.

Despite the initial excitement, the general public has expressed disappointment with this Pokémon Center exclusive. Many have pointed out that it is very similar to a previous Pikachu Funko Pop, with the only difference being the use of metallic paint.

Previous Pikachu Funko Pop

This has led to criticism from fans who expected a more unique and innovative design for an Pokémon Center exclusive item.

The general opinion on this item is that it is not worth buying. Many have argued that the high demand for the item is simply due to the fact that it is exclusive and limited edition, rather than any particular standout features. The item’s high price tag of $14.99 + $10.00 shipping also adds to the disappointment for some fans who expected more value for their money.

Pokémon Center had a maximum purchase limit of 2 Funko Pops per customer. This limit was meant to prevent reselling practices and inflated prices on secondary markets, but unfortunately, it seems that some sellers on eBay are already trying to sell the item for twice the retail price. It’s also worth noting that the item is now completely out of stock on the Pokémon Center website several hours after launching.

Personally, I will be passing on this item, the drop came off as lazy and greedy. The similarities between the exclusive Pikachu and other Pikachu Funko pops are just to similar to warrant a $25 purchase.

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