‘Mythwind’ Comes to Trade


{IMAGE_2}Open Owl Studios’ Mythwind, which was crowdfunded on both Kickstarter (2021) and Gamefound, will make its way to trade via GTS Distribution, which has exclusive U.S. distribution rights.

The original Kickstarter raised nearly US$1 million (CA$1,341,391). GTS is soliciting orders during a reprint Kickstarter campaign, and both the open to order period and the Kickstarter campaign end this month.  The orders will be shipped in Q1 2025.

Mythwind, designed by Nathan Lige and Brendan McCaskell, with art by Amanda Kadatz,  is an asymmetrical and cooperative board game in a persistent world in which each session impacts the world and the player’s progression.  Players choose characters, who are pioneers and adventurers, that contribute to the town in unique ways.  Players work together to build their town, with the story developing organically depending on the type of town they create.  The world and characters progress independently, allowing players to drop in and out between sessions.

In addition to the core box, four other SKUs are being offered:

Mythwind: Winds of Magic Expansion, which includes the stretch goals of the original Kickstarter campaign: 10 Adventure Cards, 10 Event Cards, 10 Goal Cards, 2 Season Tiles, Achievement List, 2 Secret envelopes, 5 Weather Cards, and 4 Building Tiles.

Mythwind: Magical Miniatures includes 6 Magical Miniatures, which replace the cardboard tokens of the Magical Creatures in the game.

Mythwind: Friends and Family Expansion introduces the townsfolk of the Mythwind village, and allows players to complete quests, discover town secrets, and marry.

Mythwind: Expanded Horizons Expansion adds a character, which can be used instead of a Core Box character or for a fifth player.   

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