Thursday, June 1, 2023

#MTGMachine stories, day 3 “Lantern held high, he led the way down the tunnel. Really, it wasn’t too different from exploring a…

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#MTGMachine stories, day 3

“Lantern held high, he led the way down the tunnel. Really, it wasn’t too different from exploring any other ruins, though prior expeditions hadn’t carried the threat of capture and compleation.”

A Radiant Heart –

“Vivien’s shoulder ached; still, she held the string taut, waiting for an opening. None came. Without straightening from its hunch, the Lukka-thing began to tear its way free from the lava pit where it still burned.”

Survival of the Fittest –

Need to catch up on #MTGMachine stories?

“Professor Vess”? Did she finally give up the ruse of being “Professor Onyx,” or is that a continuity error?
Still can’t read it from Spain… The link sends you to the main translated page… Smh
Wow those Strixhaven students would get crushed in a game of hide-and-seek.
I need to know how my baby Olivia is doing pls how many phyrexians has she killed and is she safe 🙏
Good to see some classic phyrexian body horror
I know this is quite dark, but having lived in the U.S. for the past 10 years, this makes me think of the extremely sad and problematic phenomenon that is quite unique to the schools in the U.S. unfortunately…Students, hiding from threats in their school and all…
That’s my boi! I’m so proud of him! He didn’t get much love and attention last time but now 😆😆😆 that thatta boi
Dude, if they think the release hype train is fast, they haven’t asked us lore fans about the INSANE release schedule nowadays.

Two stories a day is hard to read with work and life happening, let alone produce content to cover it! All in a week (now ten days)

It’s too quick!

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